Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot 100 - Week 1

Update time ladies and dudes.

Ready for it?


My Goals

My Update
  1. On September 20, I said I wanted to lose 1 lb every week. I weighed in on Sunday the 26th a whole 2 lbs lighter than before. 2 lbs. WoooooHoooo! Numbers are good so in the name of full disclosure: I weighed 161 on the 19th and 159 on the 26th.

    1. Barely drank enough water though I'm trying.
    2. Did not work out 5 days. I did however go for a nice bike ride and did a lot of house and yard work but the gym has been sadly missing me.
    3. Meal plan? Bah... I'm going to get a hold of this little action this weekend though.
    4. No tracking to speak of. Oops.
    5. Sleep has been horrible. Maybe 6 hours if I'm lucky. No bueno for me.
    6. Journal has been collecting dust for much of the week. I wrote on Monday, then nothing until last night. It's the sleep deprived thing. Oh ya, and I watched a movie instead. Choices.
    7. Food choices were decent. I didn't go to Oktoberfest on the 25th as I planned though. I skipped that one in exchange for a bigger better beerfest in Leavenworth this weekend. Yay BEER!

  2. I only wrote 2 blogs this week. Well, actually this one would make 3 so I guess I did it. Just not how I planned. Whatever.
  3. I did not work on my book this week either. No writing means no writing. And to be totally honest with y'all, I'm feeling it in my attitude and my mood and my spirit. I'm just one of those weird writer people that needs to write to be happy I think.

In other news...
The polls have closed and I'm very disappointed in the turnout of voters this time around. 5 votes! That's all I got all month long. I think we can do better than that. Oh well, too late now. Here's how it's gonna roll:

October - I'm going to be a belly dancing mama and I'm not thrilled about this because I have a decent sized belly to shake around and I have horrid imagery in my head about it. But, I will follow through and report more specifically on my plans in my next post.

November - Will be some kind of martial art. Not sure which one yet. I'll be doing a bit of research to find something good. Or, if you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm open.

December - I'm going to beat up on a punching bag as a boxer girl. Ooooo I'll be sure to have some super cute hot pink boxing gloves with skulls and cross-bones on them. Stay tuned for that as well.


  1. I love your varied exercise goals! Fun:)

  2. Well Salina you were the one who put the whole belly dancing thing up there. LOL I may need some vid of this one.

    This week is the week, we are ON!!


  3. Looks like you have some good goals set for yourself and congrats on being in the 150's now...very cool! Keep up the good work. I am here via the Hot 100.


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