Monday, October 11, 2010

Octobelly dancing

Octobelly dancing?

Why did The 12 Days of Christmas song just pop into my head? Not at all what I was going for but whatever.

October is officially the month for shaking and shimmying and I have a plan folks. Yes indeed!

I found a facility in Seattle that was offering a great deal for any newbie signing up to try a few classes. $25 for 5 classes in a one month time period. Perfect for me! Especially considering I have a little bit of a late start this month because it took what feels like forever to find a class that would work. There are a number of belly dancing teachers in my area and a few organized classes but it seems that the majority of them offer 6 or 8 week sessions and it just so happens that I'm late for the start of all of the sessions. I was worried that I would have to let you all down but no, we're safe because I found:

Skin Deep

I will be attending a beginners belly dancing class on Tuesday and Saturday through the end of the month. Actually, to be slightly more accurate, I will be attending a beginners belly dancing class on Tuesdays and a bollywood class on Saturdays.

Did she just say bollywood?

YES, yes I did! Bollywood. Stay tuned...

Oh don't you wish you could see me in action with vlog entries instead of these lame descriptions? So sorry to disappoint but you might just have to settle for what I give you. If you're lucky, I might be able to get a couple pictures snapped but chances are that I will not be posting any kind of video proof of this activity.

Notice I do include some skating on Thursdays still and a couple bike rides with Jenny. I just can't stand to abandon my sweet Jenny girl after the amazing bonding experience we've had in the past few weeks.

I will get my plans together for November martial arts and December boxing too. More to come on that later.


  1. I LOVE watching bollywood dancing-but I can only imagine the huge comedy of errors I would be trying it! Can't wait to see your pics though!

    Polar's Mom


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