About Me

Who am I?
I'm a 30-something someone who loves to write and I find myself on a journey to living a healthy and active lifestyle. How do I do it? I blog and do different activities every month to keep myself interested. You can read that as I'm easily distracted by shiny objects so you might imagine that I get bored easily and need frequent change to stay engaged. What? No, I'm not ADD.

What do I do?
I do activities. All kinds of different activities. Check my activities page for the full list. Check the completed activities page for my blurb on each attempted activity. Notice I don't say accomplished.

My Regular Activities
Racquetball - I heart racquetball. The funny thing is that I wasn't very excited to try racquetball when it was voted on but after playing with it for a little while I was totally hooked. You want another kick ass interval training workout? Play racquetball like your life depended on it. You'll watch your heart rate sky rocket then plummet faster than you ever imagined.
Roller Skating - I so desperately want to put roller derby there instead but I can't. Not yet anyway. I have attempted roller derby but I haven't yet been able to make it a regular enough thing for it to make the list in all honesty. A few months ago, I went to a roller derby practice league and didn't do half bad. Then I signed up for a roller derby boot camp. After months of anxiously waiting for the day to arrive, I strapped my pads and helmet and skates on and gave it all I had even if what I had looked like a clumsy elephant. One day. That's all I lasted. One day. Somehow, I managed to injure my shoulder so I had to drop out of the boot camp. Yes, I cried real tears. My hopes of making it through boot camp and trying out for a Rat City Rollergirl team were shattered. I haven't given up completely. Mark my words rollergirls, I'll be back. I may be near little people status but don't underestimate this little lady.
Swimming - I find swimming to be a soothing activity so when muscles are sore or I'm nursing an injury or I just need a timeout, I love to swim.

Other Interests
French - Language, Culture, Food, Wine, Country, Literature, etc.
Writing -  Not like that should be a surprise item on the list of a blog.

Reading  - I have a classic book club I host here in the Seattle area and love every moment of it. I love the smell of a good used book. Can't get that with electronic readers.

Used Book Stores - If I chose to abandon my career and loaf for the rest of my life, I'd do it in a used book store.

Classical Guitar - I took lessons for a while then judged myself too harshly and quit. I still love to play though and desperately want to start lessons again. UPDATE: I'm so happy to report that I'm once again taking guitar lessons and I love love love every second of it.

Cooking - Food snob and proud of it!
Wine - Don't know much about it but love learning and tasting all I can.

Dogs - Once upon a time, I was a cat person but I've been forever converted thanks to my sweet Pollyanna.
Jenny - My beautiful bicycle