Monday, September 20, 2010

The Hot 100 is BACK!

You remember the Hot 100! 
Check it.

The home of the HOT 100

Now it's time to select a couple goals for the last 100 days of the year. What ever shall they be?
  1. Lose 15lbs (that's 1lb per week starting now). Totally doable but still challenging.
    • But isn't this blog suppose to be about the action and not the scale?
    • Um....yes. But after doing a little thinking, I've decided that it doesn't hurt to have a weight loss goal. And to be totally honest with you, I don't particularly care much if I reach it or not. Just having it there as something to shoot for makes me happy and keeps me motivated. The trick for me is to balance between slacking off and going buck wild balls-to-the-wall crazy to achieve a number goal. Hint: stand in the middle of the teeter-totter. Ta-Daaaaa.
    • So here are my actions:
      1. Drink 60oz of water every day
      2. Work out 5 days per week (2 days/week dedicated to the activity of the month)
      3. Meal plan every week
      4. Track food and exercise every day
      5. Sleep 8hrs every night
      6. Journal every day
      7. Make responsible food choices every day except for my "free days"
        • 9/25 - Oktoberfest (beer and brauts)
        • 10/9 - Greek cooking day with Accountabilibuddy (spanikopita and baklava)
        • 11/25 - Thanksgiving
        • 11/26 - Thanksgiving leftovers, my favorite
        • 12/25 - Christmas Day
        • 12/31 - New Years Eve
  2. Write 3 blogs every week. Monday check ins, What-if Wednesdays, Fitness Fear Fridays.
  3. Work on my book every week
Note - I refer to free days above and would like to clarify what I mean by that. Every year, for whatever reason, people tend to throw their healthy behaviors out the window because they ate a pumpkin pie by themselves at one holiday celebration then proceed to beat themselves up for "failing" which creates the vicious cycle of sabotage and self-punishment. No bueno. So, last year, Accountabilibuddy and I made a list of the days we would allow ourselves some freedom so we could enjoy our holiday celebrations guilt free. If there are 100 days left in the year and I make healthy choices for 94 of those days, I'd say I'm doing well. Giving myself permission to enjoy my holiday celebrations worked well last year so I'm doing it again. That doesn't mean I give myself permission to eat everything in sight until I can't move. No, it's not a ticket to gluttony. It's simply permission to not beat myself up if I want to enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie here or a Christmas cookie there. I will just have small portions of the things I enjoy and keep it totally under control like I did last year. There's just something about giving myself permission that feels like I'm giving myself a hug. It's good for the soul, you should try it.