Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jenny's Adventures on Burke-Gilman Trail Part 1

Burke-Gilman Trail is about 22 miles long from start to finish and runs from Seattle to Kenmore.

It's mostly flat and mostly just a bicycle path (very little road time with cars) but there are a few small hills and a few areas that require riding on the street in a bike lane.

I just rode about 16 miles. I started from the red X below and went north to Kenmore and back. Actually, where the path "ends" in Kenmore, it just becomes a new path called the Sammamish River Trail which then goes to Redmond, WA along the Sammamish Slough. I wouldn't mind doing that part of it some day soon either because there are a few wineries down in that area. Mmmmm Washington wine!

Jenny's Adventures on Burke-Gilman Trail Part Deux will be from the red x down through the city. I can't wait for that portion. It's coming soon so stay tuned. Lots of interesting things to see from that part of the trail.

Most of the north end of the trail is like this with trees and bridges. The path is relatively nice. It's clean at least. No garbage. It feels secluded in a few places. There are quite a few lumps and bumps though because of tree roots. Makes the ride a little more interesting.

10 Ton Load Limit, I think I'm safe

Look! Civilation.

Kenmore Airport

Sea Planes are the Coolest!

Boat Parking Garage?

I passed this huge mural on the way up north but didn't notice it until the return trip.

Some Beautiful Views of Lake Washington

Kenmore Traffic. :)

Look at that sky! Ominous.

I picture two old guys sitting here playing checkers

Say Cheese

Here is a neat list of trails in and around the Pacific Northwest I found. Very handy.

I'm thinking I might need to style up a little more for my rides. 
I'm thinking hats.
I'm thinking fun with shoes.
I'm thinking skirts with tights.

What do you think?