Monday, September 20, 2010

Jenny's Adventures on the Green River Trail

The infamous Green River. Have you heard of the Green River Killer before? Check it out.

I was a kid when all those killings were happening but I remember it all. I lived with my family in some apartments south of Seattle. The apartments were right along the Green River. I remember there being a little foot bridge that led to a wooded area across the river and my parents and all the neighbors would hide Easter Eggs over there for all the children every year. I thought it was so much fun to hunt for the eggs in the woods.

Then one day, it all changed. There were helicopters everywhere over head and news cameras combing the neighborhoods and the woods. There were police officers everywhere. They even had scuba divers searching the murky water for victims of the then mysterious Green River Killer. He's not so mysterious anymore though.  

Perhaps it's time that Jenny and I revisit the beloved Green River?
Here are our adventures.

Scrounging through my horribly small and unimpressive wardrobe, I managed to find what I think is a cute first attempt at appropriate bicycle fashion. I actually bought this skirt to wear roller skating but still haven't managed to use it for it's intended purpose. So why not just substitute 2 wheels for the 8 (count them - quad skates = 4 wheels on each skate x 2 skates....ah yes)?
Bicycle Fashion

A closer look at just how cute I am. You're expecting me to click my heels together aren't you? Well I'm not going to do it.
I'm sorry but I must admit that I'm damn cute in my new tights and school girl skirt

One of my favorite things about riding bicycles lately is all the art you get to see. I've seen a lot more sculptures and paintings and gardens and plaques in the past few weeks with Jenny than I've ever noticed before and I just love it.

Guardrail Stencil

One of the things about the Pacific Northwest is that we get a lot of Native American art. I don't have anything against the Native Americans or their art but I just don't find it appealing to my eye. None the less, here are a couple pieces along the Green River Trail. Enjoy!

Native American Art

More Native American Art

Enough of that stuff. Ghetto art please? that's more like it. Graffiti anyone?

Why hello there. Normally I wouldn't taunt you with what you can't have but I will tell you that I was a little disappointed when I took this picture. There was a whole group of about 7 cyclists that came through right then but I only managed to get the last one. That wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that they ALL smiled and they ALL waved with the same hand at the same time with the graffiti in the background. My stupid camera wasn't quick enough to get it done in time though. Sad.
A opportunistic friendly passerby

More graffiti art...
I'm not sure what it is but I like it. A duck? A sumo? Hello!

I love all the bridges along the bike trails too. Green River Trail was rich with them. There were a couple really narrow ones and windy ones and old ones and tall ones. I couldn't take pictures of them all though I did try to get some to share with you. See how thoughtful I am?
One bridge

When I was a kid living by the Green River, my dad would take my brother and I down to the river to throw our fishing poles in the water too. I don't know why, but I completely forgot about that until just this moment when I saw people by the water's edge patiently waiting in their beer haze for the day's catch.

A beautiful day for fishing the Duamish/Green/Black River (whatever it's called)

Don't you just feel the stress melting away?
Just a nice peaceful ride along the tree-line river trail

Foster Golf Links is actually a decent course. It's relatively short but is well kept with gorgeous trees and fairways. They have decent food too.
What? Happy Hour!

Passersby who seemed a little camera shy

I know you were asking yourselves...that's nice and all but what about Jenny. Calm down, keep your pants on. Here she is. Like I would do a post about her adventures without including her. She wouldn't let me anyway. She's actually a little vain. Loves her picture taken. I'm probably to blame for that with all the doting.
Yes Jenny, you look very pretty in that light

You give the husband a camera and this is what he comes up with.
Uho....left or right?

It was my first time ever riding in a skirt and I must say that I really did enjoy it. Although, I will share with you that I noticed a few passersby drop their eyes to "down there" wondering if they were going to get a peak at what I'm wearing underneath.
We picked right.

Now where is that clip of the Laverne and Shirley theme song?
Now don't we make a cute couple?

What to do now? The trail is closed. It looks like an official sign and everything. I've been on that part of the trail before and it really is nice and windy right along the river.
No! Since when do I follow rules? Never.

Well, as you can see, we chose to bust through the official sign and take our chances with any legal ramifications because we live for ADVENTURE. After all, this is all about Jenny's Adventures.

Rules or not, none shall pass

But alas, the officials outsmarted us by stacking a few miles worth of sandbags along the river's edge just in case there is a flood. I checked the King County website and found that they placed the sand bags there a couple years ago where they will remain until roughly 2014. Great plan people.'s an idea.....don't build entire cities along a river that routinely FLOODS!
The trail was blocked

What is there to do when you come to a dead end and are forced to turn around than to strike a pose? Nothing that I can think of.

Oh, thaaaat's what she wears underneath

Pretty view of the traffic above and serene below. I love that kind of contrast.
Green green river

It's like a sign from the gods. Can you hear the angels singing? Okay, enough commentary. Just enjoy the pictures.
Soccer fans?

Two Bridge. Look at what I can do!

A little history? Get learned.

Three bridge

Show off! I can't do that.

Water district building I think. Kinda cool.

What a beautiful day!

There you go. No dead bodies. No helicopters. No news crews. And no paparazzi that I could spot in the bushes hoping for a money shot of Jenny. She really is a little full of herself lately but I don't care, I love her just as she is.

The next series of adventure photos will be posted shortly. Oh and it's going to be a good one too. Jenny and just did a nice long ride for charity in the rain. Stay tuned...

I want to know about your bicycle adventures.


  1. Well I don't have a bike yet, hmph! But I love the pics and what a gorgeous place we live in for bike riding.

    I am totally excited though because I have that same exact skirt and now I have a couple of ideas for wearing it!! Yay.


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  4. Beautiful pics! You look so fresh and pretty riding your bike. I always look like a wind-whipped dishrag at the first sign of physical exertion.


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