Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet September!

Happy September

You've voted and it's been decided. The winner for the month of September is Jenny.

It was a close race. Belly dancing was ahead for a while then a couple votes pushed Jenny up over the competition. Perhaps belly dancing will get it's time to shine next month? But for now, it's all about Jenny.

Jenny? Who is Jenny?

In case you haven't caught on yet, Jenny is my bicycle. She is a brand spankin' new Schwinn Jenny, 16" small frame for my near little person stature of 5' nothin. She has 7 speeds, a cushy seat and cushy handle grips. I got her the basket you see above which I think works well but I do think the basket looks a little plain up there with no flare. At first, I thought she needs a flower but then noticed that there are two little nautical stars painted on her frame and thought that might be a good piece of flare for the basket too. Or perhaps I should just pick up different things to put on the front and mix it up depending on her mood or the weather. I like that idea. What do you think about a skull and cross bones on her basket?

Why didn't I name her something else?

I just thought it would be silly to name her something different because Jenny is already painted on the frame and everything. I don't want to give her an identity crisis.

What's the plan for the month?

Good question!

Ta Daaaaaa!

She and I will be exploring Seattle and it's surrounding hidden beauty this month. You'll have to tune in and follow along to find out where we'll be and what we'll be taking pictures of. I can give you a little hint. Want a little hint? I do know that we have some pictures of the famous Burke Gilman bicycle trail. I also know that we have some pictures of Jenny at the beach. Can you picture her in a yellow polka dot bikini?

I'm open for any suggestions for our adventures. Are there any places in or around Seattle that you've always wanted to see?