Friday, September 17, 2010

Fitness Fear Friday - Procrastination (guest post)

Hey there active peeps! It's Friday! WooooHooooo! You know what that means though right? Fitness Fears discussion day. Today, enjoy Big Girl Bomshell here and I'm hanging out over at her place. Take it away Jules.

Thank God it’s Friday. Now, I can move on. This week has been hell for me. You see, its been a little over a month since I wrote my last guest post here on Fitness Fear Friday. Oh, I was feeling over-
confident. Last month, I talked about learning to walk all over again. Well, up until this week, I have
been walking or riding my bicycle, yes a bicycle, just about every day. Yep! So darn proud of myself;
And then it hit!

The Fear Monster, the freeze frame. My fear monster has a name…procrastination. BIG TIME! Poor
Salina. She is probably wondering what the hell happened. We are trading posts today and here it is
early in the morning and I have re-written this post a thousand times.

First it was, well, she wants a picture of batteries were dead, oh forgot
the camera, oh no, no time for that now. La, La, La. That is me. Off into my own world. Oh, damn,
got to get that done for Salina. Don’t dare let her down; she looks up to me. Don’t blow your image.

KABOOM! There it went. The whole “ You got it together girl” just blew up in my face.

My tools for procrastination….ADD more! Yep. That is what I do. It allows me to run around like a
chicken with my head cut-off, going to a little Henny- Penny side of the sky is falling, which then leads
me to “What’s the Use?!”

This is the point where I feel the need to turn to food and just sit. Gorge myself on sweets until I can’t
feel anymore. BUT…today is different. I have felt the fear all week AND while I didn’t get out there
and exercise, I waited until the last minute to write my blog posts, I DIDN’T fill up my time with FOOD.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I had fantasies about Oreo cookies and chocolate bars and BIG pieces of
cake. But today, I didn’t let myself down. Instead of clearing my full plate by eating; I slowly started
scraping things into the garbage to make room for a clean plate.

So, YEP, I still have a ton of fear around fitness but the difference is, I only let it derail me for a
moment. I didn’t sabotage the whole plan. This weekend…Jackie and I are going to spend some time
together. Next weekend, I am walking a 6K. And the month of September, my fitness goal is to quit
procrastinating about weight training.