Monday, September 13, 2010

Jenny's Adventures at Long Beach

Long Beach, WA....not California. I've been here before but have no memory of this Discovery Trail. It runs about 13 miles from start to finish. It starts at the Port of Ilwaco and goes up through the hills of Cape Disappointment and along the ocean dunes up to Long Beach, WA. We started in Long Beach and went south. Here are the pictures of our adventure. Enjoy!

There are lots of neat sculptures and things along the path. This was our first encounter.

Whale bones

Who's got 2 thumbs and is wearing a funny hat? This Guy!

What a mighty big gun you have

Oh Tim Burton, where are you?

Wait, I have to take a picture of the cool tree.

Oh Jenny, you're so dramatic.

Wooden dolphins...umkaaaaay

I totally have the Rocky song playing my head right now. The hills in the distance is Cape Disappointment.

Me in action! I'm actually talking to myself but you can't really hear it.

Are you filming me? Nerd!

Just a beach off the trail

Entering Cape Disappointment. Nasty hills. Make sure you have more than 7 gears to do it. Ouch!

The cave behind me is a lot bigger than it looks on the picture. Scary...

Are we in the jungle now? I was expecting a tiger to jump out of the thick.

We go this way. No! That way. Wait. There's a map.

Um.....where are we?


Take a photo break and let the sweat dry up a little

That's bicycle abuse.

One of the lighthouses at Cape Disappointment

Jenny admiring the view. Preeeeetty.

She's so photogenic

Now that's a lot of poop.'s bird poop. Ew!

Sneak a little peak through the trees

On the road again. Not bad for taking this picture over my shoulder.

The Port of Ilwaco was having their Saturday market. Have you ever seen purple bell peppers before?

I love markets

This thing was HUGE!

Because it's just WRONG!

Another little sneak peak through the trees.

I don't know what it is but I like it

The other lighthouse in Cape Disappointment

The beach at Long Beach

Um....ya....just see for yourself.
Just to explain a little....I use to do that when I was a kid. My little brother and I would stomp on the soggy sand to try to make huge mud puddles. We'd compete to see who could make a bigger mud puddle the fastest. You have to do it constantly or it'll harden up right away.  Ah....memories.

The End