Friday, September 24, 2010

Fitness Fear Friday - Punk Rope

Oh boy. Here we go again. I apologize in advance for the long post but I've got shit to say today. Read it, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Do you remember my references to Punk Rope over the past year?
This one, This one, This one, This one, This one, Oh and this one too

I must confess.

I'm a scaredy cat!

Scared of what?
I'm so glad you asked. and complete rejection and humiliation...duh.

Elaborate please?
I've mentioned it before but if I must repeat myself, I must.

How about a quick recap?
Learned about Punk Rope from BitchCakes
Took instructor training workshop
Got my ACSM Personal Trainer certification
Started planning the logistics and stuff to bring Punk Rope to Seattle
Partnered up with one of the Rat City Rollergirls who I met at the instructor training workshop
Reached out to a couple YMCAs in the area
Got no response
Froze right there in my tracks

Thems are the facts YO.

But then there are some touchy feely kinda things that facts don't express...

It's the icky self doubt monster again.

Doesn't he make you just want to get out the color crayons and go to town? No? Just me huh?

I've talked all about the stupid negative self talk and beliefs I have about it before too.

Another quick recap?
I'm still fat and fat chicks don't teach aerobics classes
If I tried, no one would take me seriously
Just because I have a personal trainer certification, it doesn't mean I know what I'm doing
I don't know what I'm doing
Everyone who does know what they're doing are going to know that I don't know what I'm doing and I'll be a laughing stock
I have no right "teaching" other people how to exercise

Disclosure here: I don't actually think the above self-talk is accurate or helpful in any way. Quite the opposite actually. It's total and complete B.S.! All of it. Just crap!

The truth is:
So what if I'm still overweight. Fat chicks most certainly do teach aerobics classes and they can do it just as well as any skinny little gym rat. So there!
Well I'm not trying so of course no one is taking me seriously.
I know more than I give myself credit for.
Let them laugh if they're dumb enough to. Besides, it's totally unrealistic that people are going to point and laugh if/when I choose to fumble my way through my very first class as the instructor.
I have every right to do whatever I feel like doing because damn it, I've earned it and I deserve it.

If only I could get the truth to stick in my head.

I recently had a small series of coincidental events take place that brought the Punk Rope dilemma to the surface again. And I've been on this kick of watching for life's little opportunities then climbing on and riding them til they fall over. Oh and I should also mention that this series of events took place in a 24-hour period.

First event - My favorite Bombshell has been hounding me and nagging me and taunting me for months to do something with this Punk Rope stuff and so far I've been able to brush her off with the "ya ya ya, I'll get to it". Nothing personal...the power of fear is strong. I started thinking about all her little not so subtle hints recently because I've been slowly, one by one, facing some of these fears that have caused me to avoid things that I enjoy. I thought...perhaps it's time to think about Punk Rope again.

Second event - I write every single day now. Some days, I spend several hours spinning quips. I love it! LOVE! Love writing. But when I write, deep dark thoughts and feelings and ideas seem to just fall out of my head onto the page and there it is in black and white. It's hard to ignore what is staring you right back in the face. And guess what fell out and started playing the staring game with me? You got it. Punk Rope. Apparently, my brain decided it's time to tell me to get off my scared little ass and do the damn thing.

Third event - The morning after I wrote the glaring lines about it finally being time to face the Punk Rope fear, I opened my email and what did I see but a nice little message from Mr. Punk Rope himself. Psychic much? Get this coincidence! Not only was it a message that someone else had contacted him to ask if there are any classes in Seattle (since he has forwarded me about 3 or 4 in the past year) but this person is a writer for a newspaper in my area and offered to give a class of its kind some well deserved publicity. Um....ouch. That one smacked me right in the face. "Wake up STUPID!"

Fourth event - After reading the above mentioned email slap, I started thinking about where I would hold the class, how I would get it started, who I wanted to target to attend the class, what it would look like, blah blah blah. I found myself all confused and overwhelmed with the what-ifs swirling my brain into oblivion when I opened one of the blogs I check on a regular basis. There it was. Right there in all it's glory on Jack Sh*t's post of the day. Of course! Childhood obesity. Working with kids who want to get parents up off their mashed-potato lumpy butts and get their hour of play a day in. A class for kids and parents to play together. It's perfect! Jumping rope totally brings the kid out of any adult. It nostalgically shocks us back to grade school on the playground playing double-dutch and singing those creepy kid rhymes.

So obviously...that has to be the answer.

I've definitely decided that I must act NOW! I have to make this thing happen once and for all. I think it's going to be best to start it up with local YMCAs or already established clubs or gyms or whatever. But I have a problem and I want to ask for help. Here it goes.
  1. I need help keeping my inner-bitch at bay. AKA - Encouragement.
  2. I need help figuring out what to do to get started. Who do I contact? How do I contact them? What do I say? How do I prepare? Etc.
I'd like to ask everyone reading this to please comment, send me email, forward this post to everyone you know who might be able and willing to offer me any advice and/or ideas so I can finally face this stupid fear and finally make this thing happen. I really want to do this. I want to do this for me and I want to do this for the people (kids and parents) who are fat and frustrated and unhappy and want to learn to exercise in a fun way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and for being here with me through this journey.


  1. OH MY GOD! You have me in tears! You go girl! You SO GO GIRL! I am so Fricking proud of you...THIS made my actually it made MY YEAR!

    Start with your local parks and rec department!

    Community classes!

  2. Sounds like events conspired to make this happen for you. Get after it and turn it into a reality.

  3. Dear PR - I concur w/BG Bombshell - They ask that you write up a proposal of your class - easy on the "...parents up off their mashed-potato lumpy butts" descriptives for the first intro of self. Also, would you be willing to let people know - people in your community - friends etc? They can rally around your idea and find a place - like a church rec hall. I went to the Y for years and there were quite a few "Lumpy stocky fat" aerobic teachers - I taught seniors and also a stretch class and I qualify for the "fat" image. Students loved it. GO GO GO you have much to inspire others with!

  4. Your post was very inspiring to me because I have those same self doubts in myself but you are very good at motivated someone to face their fears. I would just start making calls to anyone you can think of and try to make some contacts that way. If you are wanting to have it at the YMCA then call and ask to speak to someone in charge, tell them what your plan is and how you need to go about getting this considered. I wish you the best of luck and it sounds like a wonderful program that I wish they had in my area. Hope you don't mind me adding you to my favorite blog list because I definitely want to read more of what you have posted.

  5. Wow, punk rope. I have never heard of it. Thanks for posting, you have me interested now. I agree with Jules, start with your local Parks & Rec. Department. I wish you lived closer - I'd join. I'm in Vancouver, B.C., so a bit of drive. Good luck and go for it.

  6. I know an "artist" who managed to get the HS art teacher to let her teach a couple of classes and she is a total poser, not a certified instructor! This woman was so persistent she wore him down. You just have to march in there with all the confidence in the world (even if you have to fake it) and sell yourself, and if you ned to get someone's attention I'd whip out my rope and start something right in the hallway. Give them a demo! Don't take NO for an answer. If they say they'll call you , ask when. If they say they can't authorize the class ask who can and don't leave until you speak to that person. If you are interested in kids, I know Boy Scouts are always looking for new ways to fulfill badge requirements and exercise is one of them. I assume girl scouts are the same. Churches often let people rent out unused space during day hours to run classes, perhaps you can set up your own gig in a local church. Maybe in a small gym? Karate school? Yoga center? I know a trainer who does "boot camp" classes on the town football field in the mornings when the kids aren't using it. It's still nice enough outdoors! Hope this helps. P.S. FOund you by way of the Hot 100!

  7. Hey, if there was a girl that was round, a little bit extra on her bones, someone not a skinny minny I would surely join her class. Please come to my area and I know of at least 5 friends I could have for your class in just 5 short phone calls.
    It is hard believing in yourself but you must learn to do this. You are a one in a million wonderful lady. I would love to call you my new friend.
    Clickmom is right, the boy scouts have many different merit badges and requirements that need physical training, even the advance Venture Crew has them and I know they'd be interested in your training.
    Love yourself my dear, you are worthy of it all. Try and take some time tonight/tomorrow to just sit and look inside and find that lady that is strong and wonderful and beautiful. I can see her!!
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  8. Go for it! I saw your comment on the Hot 100 challenge and wanted to drop by and say hi, I really like the looks of this "Punk Rope" stuff, if you bring it to Seattle, I hope it works its way over to the Kitsap County area eventually so I can take part!

  9. i think it sounds awesome!! Can't wait until you take it nation wide! I agree with Witchy Woman, write it up and hopefully someone will roll with it and help with advertising? I'm no good with stuff like this but it sounds like a fun idea. Keep us posted! Your positiveness is catchy!


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