Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Not only is that one of my favorite words like EVER but it happened to me today.

So there I was suffering through my day. I was at work and miserable through pretty much every moment of it. I had to deal with a couple primadona whiners that I despise. Not only do these people irritate the ever loving shit out of me, but I had to be nice to them. Ugh! All I really wanted to do was just flip them off when they even peeked in my office at me. You don't even want to know what was going through my head when they actually knocked or god for bid...come in to my office. Blood shed was among the many thoughts racing through my head.

I was just pissy. As pissy as a pissy pants can be. I mean I was BAD! So bad that I really didn't even want to be around myself. Now you know it's bad when....

Then work was over and off to the gym I went. Today was cardio/weight training day afterall. I just couldn't imagine dealing with stinky sweaty people in the cardio area so I decided to go swimming instead. Ah swimming. Desperate for something, anything to grab my head and pull it from my ass with some considerable force, I looked to the soothing waters to save me. It wasn't a bad choice. I wouldn't say it totally saved me but it definitely didn't hurt either.

After I was done swimming, Accountabilibuddy was set to arrive for our Wednesday weight room ass kicking session. Lower body on the schedule today. I love kicking her ass. I love that she does a little whining then I push her a little out of her comfort zone and she rises to the challenge and SUCCEEDS I might add. Every time, she succeeds.

She happened to ask me a harmless question in between one of the moments of nausea she was experiencing. Now this is where the serendipity came to visit. The question Accountabilibuddy asked was "Did you happen to see the notice at the front desk?". My reply was "of course I did, how exciting, new cardio equipment on Friday. Yay!". She said... "nooooo....the other notice taped to the front counter". Other notice? What other notice? Apparently, there was a notice on the front counter that they are currently looking for group fitness instructors.

On my way out of the club, I decided to do a quick little drive by and check the notice. Sure enough:

NOW HIRING - Aerobics Instructors for Group Fitness Classes

So I ask the little guy at the front desk if they're trying to get some new types of classes in the facility or are they just looking to hiring instructors that can teach their existing classes. Of course he doesn't know because he's just the little front desk boy. He asks to take my name and number down though and says he'll have someone call me. So I write my name, phone number, my ACSM certification (heeeheee...because I can), and my Punk Rope Certification on the little note pad.

I turn and walk out of the facility and into the parking lot when a different little guy from the front desk comes chasing after me. He's my favorite front desk guy. So cute! He asks if I can come back in and fill out an application right then. Unfortunately I couldn't because Hubby was waiting for me at the car but I said I could come back down on Friday and do it. So I ask him if he knows if they'd be interested in a different type of class. The guy has no power or decision making ability but he seems to believe that it's entirely possible. I'm sure he has a good idea about what's going on around there because he's one of the few faces that has been there almost as long as I have been working out there.

So...Friday, I will be filling out an application to teach some group fitness classes at my gym. Even though there's no way I would leave my job to do that full time, it's a good way to get some experience with training and to maybe get some interest in Punk Rope. Cross your fingers for me that they just go schitzo freak happy for Punk Rope and I can come back here next week and tell you all that I have an official start date for the first class in Seattle. How rad is that gonna be?

The answer: Oh sooooo rad!