Monday, November 2, 2009

November Kick Off - Jumping Rope

People! I'm soooo disappointed. I only got two votes for what I should do with myself for the month of November. Two votes? That's it? Now I really feel like I'm just talking to myself. I seriously need more followers to this damn blog. Maybe I need to make it a bit more interesting? How? What do you want to see? What do you want to read? Do you want to see videos of me hurting myself doing whatever it is that I do? Do you want me to take pictures of funny things and make fun of them? Do you want me to get all deep and spiritual with you? Okay, that one isn't going to happen. Sorry. Well maybe a little but that stuff wears me out. I don't have enough energy to be spiritual all the time.

The two votes were for Pilates and Yoga. I have to say that with two puny little votes, I'm just going to throw them out and not even consider they happened at all. I would love to have some group participation here. Hows about I just go with what I've been up to? You like that idea? Well, do you? Fine then, don't answer me. Rude.

I must admit that I think I chose the wrong activity for October. Although I did make it out on the course a couple times, it was hard to do it enough to make it a topic for the month because the weather was just horrible. Whoda thunk it possible in the great Northwest?

Here's what I'm up to lately...PUNK ROPE. I love Punk Rope. I've mentioned it a couple times already so you should view those posts for a bit of back story if you're interested. Here they are:
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Yesterday, I spent 7 hours at a Punk Rope workshop where I became a certified Punk Rope Instructor. Yes boys and girls, it's true. I am allowed to teach the greatest fitness craze ever to grace this planet. Now, I need to figure out where I will be teaching it, who I will be teaching it to, how much I'm going to make people pay me for it, how I want to get the word out, and all those little details.

I've also decided something else that may shock and surprise you. I am going to become a certified personal trainer. I've already read a million health and fitness books and looooove learning new things so why not put that together and have another tool to add to my tool belt. I am in no way considering leaving my day job. I went to college to have this cushy day job and won't give it up for anything but I am intending to add this little fitness endeavor to my after work hobbies and interests. And if it brings in a bit of extra income...yay for me.

Right now, because I don't have a solid plan for exactly how I will bring Punk Rope to the Seattle metro area I'm not going to officially state it as my activity for the month. But, I will say that I plan to sit down and make a solid plan for exactly how I will do that and then take the actions necessary to get it up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, I'll be jumping rope all month. Practice, practice, practice. I can easily do it at home if I want or at the gym or wherever so it'll be easy to fit into my daily life no matter where I am. And, I need to seriously get my calfs better conditioned because 6 hours of rope jumping yesterday tore my shit up.

  1. Any ideas for what you would like to see new in the blog, please let me know...seriously. I do this for me yes it's true but I do still want support and encouragement from followers and so far, I'm feeling kinda lonely here.
  2. Any ideas for where you would like to see Punk Rope, please let me know.

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Happy Monday all.

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