Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking Forward to a KickAss December

I'm a bad little active blogger. I know I totally didn't do my job in November for this blog. I did jump rope a couple times and I was definitely very active all month. I actually lost a couple pounds through it all...even with the Thanksgiving holiday feast. I figure, I owe it to myself to breathe some new life and energy back into this here little active blog. I'm going to do that for the lovely month marking the end of the year. End it with a POW, BANG, POP, KICK!

DECEMBER is going to be one kickass month. Here's the plan.

KickBoxing! Oh ya baby. I'm gonna kick kick kick my way to a tighter, firmer, lovelier ass all month.

This is the schedule of classes available every week:
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7-8pm
Saturday 9:45am

I'm committing to Tuesdays and Thursdays every week this month. The only week I can't do it is the week of Christmas because I'll be playing nursemaid to my sister who will be having a nasty surgery that week and she lives out in the middle of nowhere. Since I probably won't be able to get to the gym at all that week, I will bring my jump rope with me and do that every day I'm with her. I'll think about going for a run a couple times too if I'm able to get out for a little while. Oh, maybe I'll dig out my good ole fashioned work out videos and bring some Billy Blanks with me. That'll give sis and her family a good laugh for sure. You see what I'm willing to endure for this active lifestyle thing? You see? It's all good.

Bye Bye November, Helloooooo December.

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  1. Thanks Salina,
    Yea I know that the font changed, my background recently changed thats why its different. After the holidays it will go back to black and everything will be seen, sorry for the inconvience. I hope you like my blog cause I sure love yours!



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