Monday, August 23, 2010

Jenny's Adventures in Renton

Jenny's Adventures along the Cedar River trail in Renton, WA. Actually, the Cedar River trail starts in Renton and runs through the valley to Maple Valley, WA along the Cedar River.

The Trail Starts Here

Behind Boeing

Be Careful Riding Bicycles on the Bicycle Path, Dangerous Vehicle Crossings

Go Indians! What? Don't Ask Me.

Go Indians?

Stop: Play On The Monkey Bars

We're All In This Boat Together

I Follow the Rules of the Bicycle Path

Over the River...

The Perfect Spot To Sit And Read A Book

No Bike Ride Is Complete Without Passing A Skate Park

Through The Woods....

Over The River Again?

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, NO, It's Superman!

Under The Freeway


A Bit Of History

Courtesy Of Renton Library (which is built over the river btw)

We Even Rode Through This Bathroom (Pew)

Jenny Taking A Rest By The River

We saw all kinds of new things. I've lived in this area for much of my life and never before had I experienced it quite like this. The moral of this story is...

Salina + Jenny = True Love