Friday, August 6, 2010

Fitness Fear Friday (Guest Post)

Hi my active peeps. Hope you all had a fabulous week and are ready for a fun and exciting weekend. I'm happy to report that my nagging has finally paid off. My favorite Big Girl Bombshell has finally agreed to talk about her fitness fears. Not only that, but she is doing it right here, right now. Please give her some support.


Jules – Big Girl Bombshell here. Your girl Friday! You know, the assistant that has a wide range of duties. Well, Salina has been pushing, Excuse me, I mean dropping little hints for me to talk about my Fitness fear.

So today, I will be her girl Friday. Today’s duty is to be honest with you about my fear of fitness. It may seem a little strange, but hopefully, someone will understand this, and be able to give me a few pointers. I certainly have not been able to figure out how to cross the line, safely.

I have a fear that stops me dead in my tracks. It stops me from pushing myself too hard. I’m sure you have heard about the Fight or Flight response to Fear, well, mine is to freeze. Just like in a game of Simon Says.

I honestly don’t know how to handle the physical feelings that occur inside my body when my heart rate goes up. It triggers emotions from my childhood that I was just too young to deal with. That is the frame of mind that exercise puts me in.

It is similar to the physical feelings of emotions that trigger a binge or running to the chocolate or stuffing myself to not feel. While I crave and long for that feeling that avid exercisers proclaim, I have not been able to allow myself to get to that point. The moment my heart rate goes up, that strong pounding in my chest, my brain tells me to stop.

The one thing I do know, is I have to get beyond this, to be successful in my 50 by 50 challenge. Exercise and fitness is 50% of the equation. I have done a hell of a job dealing with the emotions attached to my eating, slowly changed a lot of my eating habits, but here I sit.

Wanting more than anything else, to push beyond my comfort zone, within the confines of my body, and start living actively. But, I still sit pondering what to do. I know, Just Do It, but that is so much easier said than done.

So my first to acknowledge it. As crazy as it may sound to some, I need to openly admit my fear and then I can approach it in a more rational manner. So, my living active challenge for August, is not as exciting as Salina’s. I will not be jumping around on a trampoline, doing Airaeorbics. I will be learning to walk all over again, just like a baby.

Wish me luck!