Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Hop

Blog Hop

In the interest of all the jumping or in this case, hopping I'm doing this month with all the trampoline fun I'll be having, I felt it appropriate to participate in another hop. The blog hop, duh!

What's the blog hop? Click the link above and check it out.

Now, being faced with the pressure of an introduction. Oh the pressure!

I get so bored with the gym and weights and elliptical ho hum drum that I need something else or lots of something elses to keep me entertained. The solution: a different activity every month. You get to vote my torture and I always honor the power of the vote. Oh the power you all hold over me. I'm not always successful or graceful but I do my best and I share my experiences, thoughts, and hopes with you to point and laugh at.

This month is trampoline exercise. AIRobics! Check it out.

And next month's Poll is now open (see right side bar). What will be my September torture? You get to vote. So VOTE!