Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Yoga

Last month was full of ghetto roller skating fun. I love roller skating. It was fabulous. I loved roller derby practice too. I'm convinced that they are my kinda people. Mostly normal looking to the rest of the world but under the covers we're a little wild and sassy. Tattoos and attitude problems on roller skates. Seriously! What's not to love about that. I must confess though that I wasn't able to participate nearly as much as I had hoped when it came to the derby practices. I just wasn't good enough. Not yet anyway. I have a plan though. I'm determined damn it.

To fight off the threat of boredom when it comes to monthly activities, I've decided to switch it up a bit for the month of April. I'm not giving up on the roller derby. Quite the opposite actually. Well, here...look at this.

Oh...I hope you can read that. It's my exercise calendar for April. There are two days each week dedicated to PFM Practice. That means roller skating and roller derby practice. I'm going to get better so I can actually attempt this roller derby thing. It will be mine. Yes. I will conquer.

April's activity was up the air until just a couple days ago. A friend emailed me a killer deal for hot yoga in my neighborhood. Turns out that there is a website and an app for the iPhone that sends you daily deals in your city. It's called LivingSocial I think. Anyway, the deal she sent me was 20 Bikram yoga classes for $20. The only catch is that you have 60 days to use it up once you take your first class. Who cares right? I mean, even if I only went to 2 classes, it already paid for itself. So I got the deal. Yay me! And another friend got the deal. So now, we've got this awesome deal for hot yoga. Hmmm...whatever should my activity be for the month of April? Oh, I know. Hot yoga? Yes please.

I've done Bikram yoga before, and Power too I think. I've only done it a couple times though. My first try ever was in October of last year if I remember correctly. I barely made it 20 minutes before I had to lay down and rest. There I was sweating and judging myself laying on the floor watching all these swan-like stick figures move through the series of 26 poses with ease while fat little ole me was looking for an inhaler and a hand held battery operated fan. You know the ones right? The ones attached to a string so you can wear it around your neck. Ya. I would have loved one of those at that moment.

I did not give up though. Never! I rested for a few minutes then when I felt like I was able to get up and try again, I did. I made it through the entire 90 minute class without fainting or vomitting or falling over and smooshing one of the swan-like stick figures. Death and destruction did not cometh to all the world because I had to lay down and rest either. Just a little sting to the pride, but that was it.

I went back and did it a couple more times and each time, I got better and stronger and was able to last longer. Eventually, I even made it all the way through an entire class. That was a proud day. I remember it fondly. I loved hot yoga. I think maybe 5 or 6 times I've done it in my life so far. I know there is definitely more I can experience and learn and poses that I want to get better at. So, I'm giving it another go. In fact, I have it on my calendar for Mondays and Wednesdays all through April and May. Might as well get all the use out of my killer deal as I can.

Stay tuned for my Hot Yoga adventures. First installation is Monday, April 5th.