Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PMS at the gym

Yesterday, was a lovely day at the gym, I'm sure. But for me, it was less than amusing.

First was a little bit of cardio fun with the hubby. A couple quick games of racquetball. Great start to the workout right? Sure, that is until we decided to discuss rules of fault serves. Who should be responsible for calling fault serves when there is no ref calling the game? And should you have to SEE where the ball landed or is it sufficient to rely purely on the difference of the sound it makes when hitting the floor or the glass back wall?

Personally, I think it's absolutely ridiculous to think that sound is a better judge of where the ball landed than to actually SEE it. If it were a better indicator, don't you think refs in competition matches would just put their ear to the glass to make their calls? Don't they? Um...NO! NO THEY DON'T! What do they do then? How ever can they tell when a serve is considered a fault? My goodness. Oh, I know, perhaps they WATCH the ball. Just a thought.

Hubby thinks it should be up to either the server or the receiver every time to call a fault, rather than just both players watch the damn ball all the time. I think that's stupid too. If the server calls the fault every time, they could be giving themselves the added advantage. But if the receiver is the responsible for calling a fault, they could do the same thing. If the receiver doesn't like a serve, they could just call it a fault and get a better serve next time. Not fare. And what happens if some one doesn't call an obvious fault? Then what?


Then it was time to hit the weights and work on some lower body muscles. By the time we were done arguing about racquetball, the weight room had filled up with the stinky bitches with their orange skin and guido hair. I walked into the weight room, looked around, probably had the meanest mug on my face one could imagine then turned around and walked right back out again. I just did everything on the machines instead of free weights.

Seated leg press
Seated hamstring curl
Seated abductor/adductor machine
Standing calf raise

Then to the mat for some ab work. I was not feeling the ab thing so I tortured Accountablibuddy with the abs while I watched. That was fun for me. Before you judge, you should know that bad period and crunches don't mix too well. I won't gross you out with any of the gory details (like I do to hubby), and you're welcome.

Just a couple things that have been on my mind lately.

Here's a little mention for some of the orange crusty guido freaks out there: If I'm still on a machine, I'M NOT DONE YET, so don't ask!

Oh and another little shout out to the in-house trainers: If I've got my ear buds in and I'm silently singing along to whatever music I'm rocking, it's not a good time to stop me and ask what my fitness goals are. MmmmK? Ear buds + singing along + actively lifting weights = Leave me the fuck alone!