Friday, April 23, 2010


I got this new app for my iPhone and have started trying to play with it. I actually downloaded multiple apps to try them out and see if/what I might enjoy. Of all the apps I tried, this one by far has been the best one.

There are hundreds of workouts on it.

The different workouts are searchable by keyword

You can also search by what you are trying to accomplish or what location you are in to do your workout whether it be in a hotel room or the weight room at your gym.

You can save some of the workouts you've done to your favorites so they're easy to access again.

You can create your own workouts.

There are demo videos to watch.

You can keep track of weights and reps and any other notes for each workout.

You can even time your workouts.

You can customize your profile to calculate BMI, your metabolic rate, body fat %, target heart rate, etc.

It tracks your progress on body measurements, weight, weights, etc.

You can also share your workouts with your friends who have the app too.

I'm telling you...this thing is RAD!

I don't even have the full version yet. YET! I totally plan to get the full version.

*Just so you know too...they aren't paying me to tell you any of this. I'm seriously just in love with this app.