Monday, April 5, 2010

Liar Liar Hot Yoga Pants on Fire

Yes, I lied. And it was to you. It wasn't an intentional lie though. I was telling the truth as I knew it at the time. It slowly became a lie. So now I'm here to confess my sins and beg forgiveness. Ok, not really but you get the idea, right?

My last post, I showed you all a picture of my calendar for the month of April and I had a clever title and everything. Hot hot hot hot Yoga. Sound familiar?

Bad news folks. Change of plans here. No hot yoga this month. Sad face: GO!

It's true, I'm sorry to say. Accountabilibuddy and I purchased our yoga passes together and she has run into a bit of scheduling difficulty. I just can't understand why. I mean someone should be able to manage their schedules with perfect efficiency when they have a full time job, two rental properties, an emotionally needy husband, and a house full of kids. Let's not talk about any possibility of a social life or personal interests on top of that lovely list of responsibilities. **Sarcasm in case you couldn't tell**

Being the wonderful Accountabilibuddy that I am, I offered to hold off on doing it myself until she was able to find a way to fit it into the schedule. We're shooting for May instead so I'm sorry but you're just going to have to wait for my fabulous hot yoga adventures until then. I know, I know you were looking forward to it. On the edge of your seats, constantly refreshing my blog page just waiting and watching and hoping that with each refresh, you will be given the key to your own fitness entertainment misadventures of hot yoga. Practice in patience is good for the soul. I suggest you try it now. **Sarcasm again. Seriously you should be getting the hint by now that I can tend to be slighly sarcastic at times.**

Go ahead, you can ask me what I know is just burning a hole in your brain waiting to get out. Go ahead...
hehum...Salina? Yeeeessssss? If you're not doing hot yoga this month because your hot yoga pants are on fire, what are you going to do instead? WONDERFUL QUESTION. Allow me to answer.


Date:     April
Topic:   April Activity
To:       Bloggerville
From:   Salina the big fat liar pants

Announcement to all! The activity for the month of April will be..................................................................... WEIGHT TRAINING! Ta da!

What? No good? Well, let me tell you why and perhaps that will get you a little more interested and excited for this month's activity.

Reason #1 - I have slacked on my own weight training in the past few weeks. I thought it would be good to focus on it again because weight training is a critical element to a complete weight loss and fitness program and I seriously want to make the scale start moving again.

Reason #2 - When I was studying struggling with the ACSM exam prep material, my lovely and wonderful Accountabilibuddy decided to make me a little deal. She said she wanted to motivate me to get through it so the deal she offered was to allow me to "practice" my new skills and knowledge on her for an entire month. Yes, that's right, the deal was that if/when I passed my ACSM exam, she would let me kick her butt all around the weight room. I've tried to get her to join me in the weight room before and she wouldn't for whatever reason. But this was my chance. I passed so I WIN.

So what do you think about that? Makes things a little more interesting I think.

My first weight training intallment for the month will come tomorrow since our first session was actually a little earlier today.