Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What is that in my purse?

Let's see shall we...I see some breath mints, keys, glasses case, a piece of paper with someting written on it, my giant bottle of Vitamin D....no...look a little bit more in the MIDDLE.

Hint: Big Green Ball

Yes, to my surprise, I was reaching in my purse to grab the Vitamin D and what do I see but a racquetball from my exillerating game with hubby yesterday.

This little experience although seemingly insignificant to some (most) stirred up some thoughts in my little brain. I thunk and I thunk and I thunk some more about a few things actually.
  • This blog of mine here, I don't really pay a lot of attention to it. Why not?
  • My goal of this little blog was to document my journey to and experiences in living an active lifestyle.
  • How does one know when they have succeeded in such a goal? That is, when does one know that they have completed the journey to said lifestyle and transition to reporting the experiences of it? 
  • How did I manage to shove a racquetball in my purse and not even realize it?
  • Oh crap, my phone is almost dead and I can't find my charger.
I'd like to address these thoughts if I may.

Lack of attention to the blog  - Well, I just don't know why. I pay lots of attention to my other blog about losing weight. This one is actually the older of the two and yet has next to no followers and just feels rather lonely. That's not to say that it hasn't served it's awesome purpose in my life though. I'm still on the horse and riding it hard. Every month, I choose another activity to do and I do it regularly. In all honestly, I attribute some if not most of my sticktoitiveness to my monthly activity changes because otherwise I would probably get bored and quit.

How does one know when they reach the end of the journey and transition to maintaining a new lifestyle? - I never actually thought I would ever think that thought before now. Now it has me wondering.

Do we look at psychological laws of behavior modification or cognitive conditioning to answer the question? Some studies say that it takes 30 days to form a new habit. Others says it takes 6 months.

Do we consider the thoughts and feelings we experience in ourselves to make that determination? Exercising has become just something I do. I enjoy it. I look forward to it. Every day, I get excited to think about what else is on the agenda. Every month, I get a little sad that the activity is coming to an end and it's time to pick something else.

Or is there some other metric to measure the journey? Perhaps having a racquetball in your purse suggests that you do in fact live an active lifestyle. I mean, I'm willing to bet that a nice portion of the US population has a candy bar or treat of some sort in their purse. Does that suggest active lifestyle? I think not. But how many people can say they find racquetballs in there?

How did it get there? the ball that is - Well, I just don't know. I had my purse, my racquet, a ball of course, and my bottle of water with me when I went into the gym yesterday. We played for an hour (burned 679 calories), then grabbed our stuff and left. Maybe I managed to put it in there when I was going in to find my keys. How does one shove a racquetball in their purse and not realize it?

Cell phone charger - Who cares. I just get distracted easily. Oh, I know where that thought came from. I took a picture of the ball in my purse and as I was taking it, I realized the phone was almost dead then went back to look for th charger and realized that it wasn't there. How funny would it be if I took the charger out of my purse and put it in my can of balls and the ball ended up in my purse where the charger normally is? ADD much...

What do the contents of your purse say about you I wonder?