Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Activity for March is........


Big suprise right? I mean, I've only been talking about it for a couple few months now. Yes, I know I said I was going to focus on running, what with the 5K coming up in April and all. But...but....well....I just don't wanna. Does that make me bad? Lazy? Disappointing? Truth....I DON'T CARE! Ha. How ya like that? Suck it. Naaa. ;)

Okay here it is. Here's how I'm feeling about the running thing. I don't like it. I have yet to find any enjoyment out of it. I gave it a good effort. I know there is a lot more to running than just jogging a couple minutes on the treadmill though so I'm not totally giving up on it. I guess, I'm just putting it on the back burner for a bit. It's just boring to me. Yawn! I just can't get into it. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's just boring. I don't know. With the way I'm feeling right now, I need something kick ass to spend my time doing. I need some serious stimulation and running is just not going to cut it.

So here's the plan. Want the plan? Hold your panties, here it comes.

Near where I live, there are only a couple roller rinks so options for skate times are limited.
Thursdays: 6-8pm Derby Practice League, 8:30-11pm Adult Skate at Skate King in Bellevue
Fridays:     7:30-11 Open Skate at Skate King in Bellevue
                 There is also skate time available at Pattison's but it's R&B and I'm just not into that scene so...
Saturdays: 12-5pm Afternoon Skate and 7:30-10:30pm Evening Skate at Pattison's West in Federal Way
                 1-5:30pm Public Skate and 6-10pm Retro Skate Party at Skate King in Bellevue
Sundays:   4-6pm Derby Practice League

The plan is to hit the Derby Practice League on  Thursdays and Sundays for sure. If I still have anything in me after Thursday's Derby Practice, I'll also head over to Adult Skate at Skate King. Then I'll skate either Friday or Saturday but probably not both. Gimme a break people, that's three or four times every week already. And don't you dare forget about all the other crap I do every week. Need a reminder?

Cardio 5-6 days per week includes elliptical, treadmill, least 45mins each time
Swimming 1-2 days per week
Weight training 2-3 days per week

Then I occassionally do some yoga or go for a hike or for a walk or hit a kickboxing class or something else that sounds fun. Since it's starting to get nicer outside, I will probably add tennis and golf back in to my activities too.


Now I'd like to talk about something absolutely imperative to Roller Derby. A "Sweet Jesus, what did she say her name was?" Roller Derby name. Hubby and a couple friends have been trying to help me come up with something just awesome. Here are some of the contenders at the moment.

Strawberry Bitch Cake
Spanky Pants
Punchy Bruiser
Carmen Through
Bess B Sorry
Hellena Half Pint
Sara McCoffin
Carnie Evil
Emma Biter
Curly Sosueme
Cruel Bella
Elle Slapya

Care to weigh in? Votes? Other ideas? What do you think?