Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swim Senses

  • One thing I hear in the pool is the sound of the air bubbles bursting as I surface for another breath. I know I talked about this sense already but it really did move me enough to feel the urge to mention it again. What? No good? Ok, how about another one then.
  • One OTHER thing I hear in the pool is the sound of the water sloshing against the tile walls. I really prefer it when I'm the only one in the pool because I like to play a game where I make as little disturbance in the water as possible. I mean, how much more exciting can it get if I can glide through the water without so much as leaving a wake in my path. Silently slithering through with nothing more than the top of my head disturbing the surface. I tell you, it's beauty. That's what it is.
  • One thing I taste in the pool is the horrifying cologne that Mr. Fuzzy Hot Tub Man has bathed in before gracing us with is furry presence. Enough said?
  • One thing I smell in the pool is the sauna. The steam room where I swim is just around the corner and when I'm taking a little swim rest at the shallow end of the pool, I can smell the wood planked room in all it's sweatiness. You know the smell right? It's the musky cedar that has been sitting a little too long so it doesn't have the crisp scent it once did but unmistakable none the less. I must admit, I love that smell.
  • One thing I see in the pool is the reflection from the surface of the water on the pool floor. You know what I'm talking about right? It only happens when the sun light is just right. I'll be swimming along and come to one end where the afternoon sun is shining through the windows and I'm greeted with a playful display of watercolors in motion. No two portraits are ever the same and they change the moment you try to focus your eye on any of them. To properly appreciate the brilliance, it's most important to gently observe without expectation or judgement, letting the moving picture the freedom it needs. 

  • One thing I feel in the pool is....everything. No, it's true. Swimming is an activity that literally engages every feeling I can think of. Not only does it make me feel, emotionally, but it also awakens the sense of touch on every millimeter of my body. Swimming is one big hug. It actually reminds me of my sweet Pollyanna. When Pollyanna cuddles, she doesn't just lay there and let me rub her belly. She throws her entire being into the cuddling experience. She'll nuzzle under my chin, meaning that she shoves her giant head into my throat with some very impressive force. Then she'll climb on my lap, meaning that she flings her body into mine which is impressive considering that she's old as dirt. Ready or not here she comes. She will wriggle around until she can successfully get as much of the surface area of her body to touch as much surface area of mine as possible. She just wants to be swallowed by one huge cuddle. Yup, that's exactly what swimming feels like.  
Princess Pollyanna Prissy Pants

Now it's your turn. See how this works? I go, you go. I go, you go. Ready?
What are your swim senses?
Are you swimming in a pool? In a lake (YUCK)? Or my favorite, the ocean?