Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Swim Love

Looks like July is all about swimming.

I kicked it off appropriately with an hour in the pool today and it felt GOOD.

20 laps back and forth in a full length pool doing the breast stroke.

I love swimming now that I know how to do a couple real swim strokes (thanks to my husband for teaching me). I mean, what's not to love about swimming?
  • It's pretty much the only type of physical activity that anyone can do
  • It's a very effective form of exercise working your entire body.
  • It's good for cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, stamina, and flexibility.
  • While swimming, we actually end up working harder than we think because our body tends to maintain a lower heart rate while it's horizontal. So, if you check your heart rate after swimming a couple laps and it's around 120bpm, chances are that it's closer to actually 145-150bpm if you were standing erect.
  • It's soothing
  • It enhances mental focus
  • It's just FUN
I'll be swimming twice a week if I can manage to fit it into my schedule. That's the plan anyway. I will be having to balance my workouts and time between weight training, cardio, and skating at least three times every week. Derby boot camp starts in 2 weeks and I'm starting my training now. I'm gonna be a busy girl.