Sunday, July 11, 2010

Living Active or Active Living?

This here little blog has been primarily focused on getting off my ass. The physical stuff. You've voted and I've obeyed the majority rule on a monthly basis to subject myself to whatever physical activity was selected for me. I then put together a schedule and put up my hard earned money and time to doing whatever adventure the month holds for me. You get to reap the rewards of the riveting entertainment I like to think I'm capable of providing by way of reporting my bumps and bruises and run ins with interesting people along the way. Ok fine, I mean I make fun of people and you love it.

I've been asking myself one question lately. Have I been successful? At first, I immediately jump to a big fat "NOPE" to answer that question because I haven't always done the activities to the fullest potential I think I'm capable of and because no one really reads this shit. Not even my hubby and my best friends will waste their time to read my drivel. Boo freakin' hoo!

But then I had to remind myself why I started this blog in the first place. I started in August of last year because I had put my goals on paper and realized that I wasn't doing anything to actively pursue what I defined as my highest value. That was to be healthy. I wanted to be healthy and active more than anything but I hadn't done a thing to show it. I had started to exercise many many many many times before and always quit for whatever lame reason or another. I had done every diet under the sun and gained every pound back. What I was use to doing was obviously not working for me. So I decided to do something different. I decided that I needed to have something outside of myself to keep me interested in exercise.

Starting this blog served multiple purposes.
  1. It allowed me to be accountable. I hate letting people down so even if I don't want to do something, I'll do it anyway if I know others are watching and judging.
  2. It allowed me to write. I love to write but was never doing it. This was to be my journal of sorts.
  3. It allowed me to participate in other's journeys. I start my day with checking my blog roll to see what some of my favorite bloggers are up to. A sense of community is important to me and it's important to being successful in life, no matter what I'm doing.
  4. It allowed me to keep the activities fresh and exciting. I get bored easily and when I find myself getting bored with something, I quit. When I figure it out then it holds no more challenge for me so I wanted to make sure I had a nice long list of activities so I can never get bored.
When I think of the question on those terms, I have to admit that it's been a smashing success. I've been consistently active for almost a full year now and am loving my new active lifestyle. I do feel accountable to my readers (even if I can count you on one hand) and it helps me to know that others are watching what I'm doing. And I love getting new followers and reading my comments and looking at what the rest of the bloggers I follow are doing. The community is more than I imagined it would be and I love it all.

But I digress!

Active living I think is something different than what I've been writing about. Living Active isn't just about getting off my ass. It's about evaluating my life, every part of it, and deciding what I like and what I don't, and what I want to do differently and what I enjoy as is, and it's about taking the steps necessary to actively change. It's about actively creating a life that I love living. It's about actively creating a body that I love living in. It's about actively creating the woman that I've dreamt of becoming. It's about actively making all my dreams come true. And I must confess that I haven't shared those things with you. But you can bet that will all be changing.

Why? Why ask myself these questions? Why now?

Because Big Girl Bombshell has given me the Bombshell Award and so named me the Living Active Bombshell. I figure - if she's going to call me a Bombshell, I better start acting like one. Thanks so much Jules for this award and thanks so much for the nice things you said about me. I've gotten awards before on Becoming a Thinner Sexier Me but none of them meant as much as this one does to me.