Friday, July 23, 2010

Living Active; Living Vicariously

I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself and that's impressive considering that it's early right now and I am NOT a morning person. If one thing could perk me up without my morning coffee injections, it's the news I have for you today! Ready for it? Big Girl Bombshell and I have been chatting up a storm lately. I recently asked her how she managed to become a super blogger and for any tips and advice she could give me to grow this here little blog to something that might actually get read. What can I say, I like the attention. One of her brilliant ideas was to guest post on each other's blogs every so often. When she proposed this idea, I was seriously blown away. Not only do I think it's a great idea but I really was touched by her enthusiasm to help me (I'm not use to asking for help....EVER). So here's the big news ---- Bombshell's first guest post right here for you to enjoy, right NOW.


Big Girl Bombshell is dropping in to check on the Living Active Bombshell. You see, I live vicariously through Salina’s blogs. Her active life peaks my curiosity. My past experience of living active, well, my imagination lives actively. My mind fills with ideas constantly, a visionary at times, hmm; well that lives actively too. But…..

it seems to be a constant “but” when it comes to physical activity.

My mantra and single goal for this year is I live. I made the decision and the commitment that I would no longer let my weight hold me back. I have stretch some comfort zones, broken past some fears, put myself out there for the blog world to see, and I feel I am living my life. I figured out many of my excuses, and I ask myself weekly What If questions.

You see, I have used my creativity and my intelligence to escape, mainly those physical feelings. I am reminded of that fight or flight feeling that comes with fear. I don’t LIKE that feeling. It triggers too many emotions and memories. It used to send me to the Oreo cookies and milk for a binge. Now, I have gotten past that part but it still makes me afraid to exercise and to push myself. But I have only recently figured that out.

Back in November, when it was rainy and cold, I could not walk outside. I borrowed my daughter’s Wii and bought a Fit Plus Game. That started my adventure in activity. Vicarious living. I could ski, run, high jump, play soccer, fly like a bird, float along the river in a bubble, Yoga, be a hula hoop star, ride a bike through the park, and even ride a segway. I started to learn that exercise could be fun.

I am not as active as Salina, and I more than admire her stamina and determination. But, the idea of living active is learning how to make exercise exciting, fun, and different. The Wii gave me that to start.

Just recently, I started to step a little more out of my comfort zone. I walked 2.4 miles the other day. I have run a block. I purchased a stationary bicycle and I will be adding that to my assorted activities. I have tried Cardioke, I use my cable to watch Exercise TV and next month I will be trying meditation.

It is little steps but it is still movement. So, whether you are daring and full of energy, you can try the roller derby or if you are just starting out and still have some reservations or hesitation, you can still start. The purpose of living active is to try new things to find what you like and that will become a part of your lifestyle..not just a chore.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the words Living Active. (I often do that to see if what I understand as the meaning is the true meaning.

• The condition or action of maintaining life.
• A manner or style of life.
• A means of maintaining life; livelihood.

• Being in physical motion
• Functioning or capable of function

So, using my imagination, I can accept Living Active. I maintain a new style of life because I am capable of functioning in some areas, I do function in others and I have started being physical in motion. Active doesn’t mean hard, fast, push to the limit. It just means being in physical motion. I can DO that!