Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roller Derby Boot Camp

Yesterday was the first day of boot camp and I was seriously shakin' in my skates all day long.
Ok, I wasn't wearing my skates all day but you get the picture.
Actually, I wore my skates around the house for 4 hours hoping that it would give me a bit of an edge.
It didn't work.
I counted down from 12 hours and felt like I was going to pee myself all day.
Nervous much?

Since I've been talking about the fear lately, why not just dive into this one (pun intended since July is Swim month).
What was I so scared of?
That's easy, terrified to my core of being the worst one there.
Because I don't want to be the one that everyone else has to wait around for.
I'm not interested in feeling like a charity case.
I know, I know...the only one that feels that way is me and it's my choice and blah blah blah.
I get it.
I know it.
I believe it.
But I still have that fear.
Stupid as it may be, it's oh so very VERY real to me.
If I must be honest with you now, I should tell you that I absolutely hate having fears.
Hate it.
What's the freakin' point to being afraid?
Why does it happen?
And why does it continue to happen when you obviously don't want it to?

I left my house a little earlier than was necessary to get there on time and good thing I did because traffic was wretched. It took me a full hour to get somewhere that normally only takes 30 mins. Ugh. But I got there on time and met up with my group. They break the huge group of girls down into smaller "camps" and each "camp" is assigned 2 "camp counselors". The counselors are actual team members of the league and have offered to volunteer their time to babysit all the new wannabes like me.

Each camp is given a name and camp colors to wear so they can tell us apart. I know you're just dying to know my camp name and colors right? Good thing I'm going to tell you.


A megalodon is a giant shark that existed in prehistoric times and its name is Greek for "big tooth". Hubby and I were recently at SeaWorld in San Diego where they have megalodon teeth. Of course I took a picture.

Ok so anyway, camp and camp counselors. They had us do laps to warm up while they stood around watching us to see if anyone was unsafe who shouldn't be on roller skates. To my knowledge, they didn't see anyone to match that description but we shall see later if anyone is missing. Then they did a lovely group pow wow and shared each other's names. I was busy boiling my mouth guard while that was going on though. No one ever told me I had to boil the mouth guard to fit it to my mouth properly. Does everyone know that but me?

After some nice leisurely laps, we started in on the drills. No wasting any time, campers.
Knee Taps
4-Point Falls
Cross Overs
Mountain Climbers on roller skates
Then they had us do timed laps. I couldn't believe it. Timed laps on the first day at the end of everything...after I'm all tired and can barely stand up? Yes! Suck it up princess!
1 lap
3 laps
5 laps
I know we need to know how we progress and it's a good idea and all but I can't lie and tell you that I enjoyed it. My laps were a disaster! No really, total disaster. I came in last and was actually lapped by a couple other girls on the 5 lap time. Oh god, if that didn't hurt my pride, the time they yelled out did.

On the plus side of all this, I actually hung with everything. I did all the drills, not well mind you but I did them. And it was only the 1st day. There are going to be 17 more days where that one came from. The only place to go from here is up. I'm determined to get better and kick some serious derby ass by the time I'm done. I'm also going to fully kick this stupid fear to the curb. Watch me!

Although I don't think I'm the worst one of the bunch, I'm definitely down there in the lower performers neighborhood. I fell nice and hard on my ass a couple times too so now my right butt cheek is very sore. Maybe I'll have my first big bruise. Wanna see a picture of my butt? Hahahaa. NOoooooo!

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