Monday, November 1, 2010

On the Horizon

First order of business this fine rainy Seattle morning is to answer a question I got on my last post.
Recognition is good. Now I want to ask, are you going to DO something about it, or TALK about doing something about it? That is the key here.
The answer? I AM doing lots of somethings about it. Oh I love that answer. The answer alone brings me joy.
  • I started the Artist's Way process over from the beginning and going through it a second time. That's just how powerful it was for me the first time. I want to do it again because it really opened my eyes to the fears and self-doubts I've carried around with me.
  • I journal every single day without fail. Journaling is like a moving meditation for me. My brain is always going going going, sometimes spinning off into oblivion so putting my random thoughts on the page really allows me to see the underlying themes in my head and address what I want to fix and work on while also adequately acknowledging and celebrating the great successes I have.
  • I was terrified for the longest time about Punk Rope and the judgements in my head surrounding the entire thing. It kept me frozen for almost a year. Today is the 1 year mark from when I originally took the instructor training. I wasn't frozen the entire time though. Don't forget about the months of studying to get my Personal Trainer Certification through the ACSM. Don't forget all the emails I've sent out, the phone calls I've made, the research I've done to try to set it up. The freeze came when it was time to actually DO the damn thing. I'm no longer frozen though. I'm actively pursuing it. I've offered to do it on a volunteer basis with a couple organizations recently and am just waiting for a response. I'm following up on the phone calls I've had and emails I've exchanged as well. And I'm looking in to getting my own trainer insurance so I can just rent out a community center and put the damn class on myself. One way or another, PUNK ROPE will happen in my life. I guarantee it.
  • I signed up for NANOWRIMO. Don't know what that is? Get learned. If you're also signed up for it, please look me up. SalinaLyn in the Seattle, WA region. 50,000 words by November 30th. I'm in.
  • Yesterday, I looked at apartments and condos in the city. Check me out, I'm already planning my move and my house isn't going up for sale until after the new year. Oh YA!
  • I put my skates in my car so I can drop by the rink whenever I feel like getting back up and rolling again. I also have all the open skate times on my calendar on my phone so no matter what day it is, or what time of day, I know if/when/where I can go skating. I was in a hurry to make derby a reality but I'm no longer in a hurry. I just want to have fun with it for now. Casually get better while I'm facing all these other fears and crossing things off my to-do list. Then, I'll dedicate some serious time and attention to derby again.
  • The guitar is still the only thing I haven't actively pursued. It's still sitting in it's case in my music room. I go in there every day. I pass by it every day. I look at it every day. I cut my fingernails short anticipating that I will pick it up. I just haven't PICKED it up yet.
I don't know how much more I can DO all at once about everything but I think I'm DOING pretty damn good if I do say so myself. There's definitely more to come from me. Thanks so much for the question Shane, love it.

Next order of business is The Artist's Way.

Did you get the book?
Did you read the introduction, the basic principles, and the first week?
Did you do your morning pages?

I wasn't going to read the basic principles again but now I'm glad I did. What stuck out most to me was the What to Expect section on page 5,6. I experienced all of it. Everything she warns will happen, happened to me. I was honestly feeling a bit manic after a while, thinking I've lost my damn mind but having made it through the entire 12 weeks, I wouldn't change it for the world. Stick with it and we'll grow together.

Week 1 is all about Recovering a Sense of Safety. We get to discover and nurture our artist child within. I know it might sound totally cheesy but I really do enjoy this perception. Looking at the little Salina inside me that dreamed of being a big time journalist or novelist when I was growing up, I realize that she is still in there. Bright eyes, open heart, thirsty for knowledge little Salina sees a world of unlimited possibilities. My favorite place is on the beach where nothing obstructs my view of the horizon which speaks to me. It sings to my soul a song of hope and opportunity abound. The sound of the sea breeze whistling, the sand dancing across the surface, it's pure beauty. PEACE!

What spark did the reading excite in you?
What are you looking forward to in Week 1?

Finally, It's November. Normally, that would mean it's time for a new activity but I decided that belly dancing didn't get it's due time in the spotlight so I'm going to dedicate the rest of the year just to belly dancing. Here's the schedule.

Notice belly dancing on Tuesdays and Saturdays and skating on Sundays.

Who's Actively Living? Who's Living Active?
Oooo-Oooo-Oooo I know, I know. ME!


  1. Exciting developments in your world, that's for sure. I've heard of the Artist's Way, but have never checked it out. Sounds like I should though. Where do you find the time for all this (Ishmael asks as she sits blog-surfing on her couch)? I'd love to take some belly dancing classes. I did some DVDs but I have a bad left knee and some of the hip movements make it crunch in a most gruesome way.

  2. Huge stuff. I got tired just reading! Enjoy the writing - Anna from The Weight Lost Diaries is doing it too (also from Seattle)

  3. Holy Moly this psot is chock full of exciting stuff! "get learned" *snort*


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