Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Yesterday was supposed to be my first Fuchsia Foxxx belly dancing burlesque class but it seems that the world as I know it must come to a sliding stop because we just got a couple inches of snow 2 days ago. Class was cancelled! Cancelled! Damn it. I went downtown with an idea to spend a nice peaceful time at SAM because picasso is in town and can you believe they closed the museum too. Seriously people. I love Seattle and all but we (read to not actually include me) are a bunch of wimps. So my staycation is now just a little less fun and interesting than before. And you know how much I just love being at home in suburban hell anyway. Is it too late to hop on the first flight outta town? I'm guessing yes because I'm sure the airport has been totally stumped as to how they should go about thawing the runways. Ever considered looking at what others do who get enough snow and ice to justify "severe" weather classification? Um... How about oh I don't know... Maybe Iceland or something. Those inbred Icelandic peeps are actually very smart and resourceful when it cones to dealing with frozen everything. Geothermal. Ok so we might not have the geothermal activity here in Seattle but you get the idea. Think outside the tiny chilly box. Sorry for the rambling. Happy turkey day tomorrow.

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  1. You should try living here... we are in a huge deep freeze right now. In fact I think we are colder than a deep freeze. Listed as #2 coldest place on earth yesterday... I hate it!
    But our schools are still open and everyone is driving (but hundreds of accidents cause everyone is always in a rush).

    I hope you have a fantastic Happy Thanksgiving!


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