Friday, November 5, 2010

Fitness Fear Friday - Questions

For those of you out there who have things you want to do or unfulfilled dreams keeping you awake at night, yes you, the ones who want to try something new but are too afraid to act...I have some questions for you.

If you could do anything without fear or obstacles (time, money, sitters, talent, etc.) in your way, what would you do?

What's the payoff for continuing to allow your fear or obstacles to determine your actions?

What do you gain by staying in your comfort zone?

What are you missing out on by staying in your comfort zone?

What's the worst that could happen if you chose to just act on what you want?

Is the worst possible scenario bad enough to logically justify selling yourself short?

What's the worst that could happen if you chose to just ignore the little voice in your head that says "but I really want to _________"?

Is it really worth it to you?

If your best friend or child came to you with the same answers you just gave to the questions above, how would you advise them?

What did you do yesterday that made you glow with pride?

What can you do today to give those embers a little oxygen?

Acknowledging and facing our fears is one of those things that is really easy to ignore. It's simple to pretend we are perfectly satisfied with our normal daily routine and we never want or dream of more for ourselves even if more just means taking a class for fun. We don't miss what we never had right? Maybe that's true but is it good enough for you? I've already decided that it's no where near good enough for me. I've been working through my fears one by one for the past few months and I know a couple of you out there have started doing some of that for yourselves as well. Brava! I want more. I want more for you. You've been here to cheer me on and give me a little push when I just wasn't feeling it. I want to return the favor and be here for you. All of you.

Answer the questions above if you feel so inclined.
Comment to let me know what your fear is and what you're going to do to challenge yourself and I'll follow you and do what I can to give you the "atta girl/boy" you need.

If you just don't wanna, that way. I'm still going to be working through my fears right here for all to see.

Happy Friday

HOT 100 Update

The OG
The Hot 100 Daddy

The Update
  1.  I weighed in on Sunday last week at 160.4, down 1.4lbs from 161.8 the week before. Still not below the 160 mark but at least the TOM gain is gone now.
    1. Water - Still a struggle. I'm working on it though.
    2. Work out - 4 days so I'm very very close to getting there. Next week will be spot on, I'm determined.
    3. Meal plan - Technically I did not meal plan but it's because I had a ton of left overs from last week that I've been finishing.
    4. Tracking - I haven't tracked for the past 2 days but plan to update everything today so I'm going with a YES. :)
    5. Sleep - YES.
    6. Journal - YES.
    7. Food - YES. Well, slight side note here...I had some Halloween candy which was not part of the plan but that was the only slip. The rest of the week was fabulous.
  2. Blogs - YES.
  3. Book - YES. NANOWRIMO baby! Come look me up if you're signed up too. SalinaLyn in Seattle, WA.


  1. Good job on meeting your goals! :) Nice loss too!

    Ok to answer your questions:
    1. I'd jump out of a plane!

    2. Well I think my chances of going splat are greater at this weight.

    3. Walls? Breaking those down! ;-)

    4. Not in my comfort zone currently. Buy hey maybe I'm in denial!

    5.Umm....splatting, hee...hee!

    6. Currently it is, I think. Might be better to try this when I weigh less.

    7. It'd be super high risk!

    8. Yes! One of these days I want the thrill of free falling for real. :)

    9. Listen to you're inner self, be quiet, and know.

    10. I went outside even though I was ina rebellious mood and didn't want to.

    11. Stay on track!


  2. Nice on the questions! Great ones to contemplate! Thanks!

    Get drinking that water! Now!

    Nice on the goals, keep it up!

  3. Good week for you:) And those are some very tough questions you posed. I don't have answers, yet.

  4. Thinking about your question bums me out because the only things I want to do that I hold off on are things that cost money to do and I don't have the money. I wish I could take flying lessons. I wish I could go for classes at the Piven Theatre. I wish I could travel, I haven't been able to afford it in years. I work really hard but I make about 2/3rds the money I used to and everything costs more. So I just work the best I can and try to set something aside!

  5. Salina, love, love your questions...all I can say is since writing a couple of times about my friday fitness fears and looking at it from the same perspective of a lot of the questions you ask here are EXACTLY what has fueled my motivation to TRY...and I can say I am starting to live active.....THANK YOU

  6. Great post, great questions. I am constantly working on figuring out what I'm "afraid" of and facing, conquering or otherwise overcoming it. I'm stumped at the moment. Your questions remind me that I've stopped asking myself those things for too long. It could be a major part of my problem.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    And... Nanowrimo.. You go! I didn't jump in this year, but have always gotten so much out of it in the past (even when I don't reach the total number of words).

  7. Several with yes = great! Even those without yes were very close. Good job!

    I'll answer the first question - I would love to be a public speaker. I just can't seem to figure out how to make that leap while working like I do. Need to focus on this.


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