Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maybe Just Maybe

I just met with my nutritionist last night. The first thing she asked me is what I found out about my thyroid test. I answered with parrot talk from my awesome new naturopath and the endocrinologist I saw as well. A slew of TSH counts and antibodies found fell from my mouth. After listening patiently, she said, "it's Hashimoto's disease isn't it?". Of course I confirmed and we concluded the diagnostic discussion with a high five over having something in common.

Now that's what took me by surprise. I had mentioned my plan to get my thyroid tested to her previously and not once did she inform me that she also has thyroid problems. Nor would I think that she does because she's thin, petite, fit, normal. Well after the tiny bit of shock wore off, I realized that if she has Hashimoto's disease and can be thin, petite, fit, and normal...perhaps there's hope for me too.

Maybe just maybe once my thyroid levels are regulated, this weight will start coming off like it should.

Maybe just maybe I don't have to keep fighting and struggling for seemingly no results.

Maybe just maybe I can start seeing results.

Maybe just maybe resolving this issue will finally allow me to breathe easy and stop worrying.

Maybe just maybe it means that I'm not and haven't done anything wrong.

Oh the relief if this really does prove to be a solution.

Funny? Every time I say "Hashimoto's Disease", it makes me think of this song...thanks to Hubby.


  1. very good that you got a diagnosis on that situation

    don't want to have thyroid issues always giving the adrenals extra stress

  2. SO HAPPY to read this...

    There is always a maybe....


  3. Now that you know what is going on, you can figure your plan of attack and begin. Knowledge is always power!


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