Friday, December 11, 2009


My plan was to do kickboxing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Rough week this week.
Tuesday was a horrible day and I just slacked off and didn't go. Then yesterday (which was Thursday) I went to the gym and they had changed the schedule so instead of kickboxing it was Zumba. Why is Zumba following me around? I really don't appreciate being stalked like this. Zumba, I told you, you're just not my type. Thanks but I'm just not interested. Okay then, Bu-Bye!

I was really quite irritated by the change. I had a busy afternoon. Here's what I did.

- got off work, went straight to the grocery store to buy some last minute stuff I needed for my weekend trip
- went to the bank to get cash for my weekend trip
- got home and made dinner, made cupcakes, did laundry, packed my bag, did the dishes, blogged, tracked calories for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
- drove all the way to the gym (not my normal a gym that's further away and a pain in the ass to get to and one that I just don't like going to anyway)

I planned everything around going to that kickboxing class and went way out of my way to get there while squeezing all that shit in so I could still get home and get to bed at a decent time because I was getting up earlier this morning to go to the gym. I was very irritated when I got there and there was no kickboxing class. Way to warn people ahead of time that you're changing the schedule you LA Fitness buggers.

Instead of the stupid class, I just hopped on an elliptical and did some good cardio with that. Oh well I guess, I really hard. Bastards.

So, next's my plan. I'll go to the kickboxing class on Tuesday and there's also one on Saturday mornings so I'll do that one. Depending on how I'm feeling after the weekend, I might do the Monday night class too. We shall see.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Happy New Year !!!

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  2. sounds like your a busy lady, thanks for lookn' out for me! I hope something good happens today too. Problem is I don't think it will. although if my daughter sleeps in the car while drive a half hour to where I got to go than I guess that would be a great thing!

    hope you have a great weekend!


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