Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stuff and Roller Skating

I can't even begin to understand or explain why I've seemingly abandoned this blog over the past month and a half or so. I can tell you for sure that I haven't dropped off the planet, nor have I been hiding out slacking. Definitely not. Quite the contrary actually. I've been very busy. Busy with the other blog. Why I've spent all my time and energy over there is just a mystery to me too since it was an afterthought. I have been staying very active though, even if I haven't been blogging about it. How about a little recap before I talk about my current goings on?

December was dedicated to kickboxing. I loved kickboxing. So much fun. I did want to visit a real kickboxing gym and get a private lesson to see what the real thing is all about but didn't get around to it. Instead, I just took a bunch of aerobic kickboxing classes at my gym. Great workout. Lots of fun. Two thumbs up for sure.

January was dedicated to racquetball. I bought a racquet and everything. Watched some youtube videos about how to do it. Then Accountabilibuddy and I hit the court and smacked those little balls around all over the place. Rules? Who needs those! It was challenging just taking turns. There was no scoring or rules, just running around chasing the crazy ball everywhere and trying not to get a black eye from all the commotion. It was super fun and again, a great work out. I'm definitely going to keep playing. Who knows, maybe we'll even learn the rules and try to play for real.

February is, well, it's a mystery still. I haven't quite decided. So here's what I'm thinking. Hubby and I went to the first bout for the Rat City Roller Girls this last weekend. My first bout ever. The only thing I had ever seen of it before was in watching the Whip It movie. Loved that movie by the way. Well, after meeting one of the roller girls a few months ago, I decided I wanted to check it out. So much fun. So totally fits me and my personality. Now of course I'm thinking about puting roller derby on my goals. I'm 32 years old, if I'm going to do something like that in my life, I should probably get on it sometime soon. One problem. I can't skate worth a crap. In fact, I got rid of my rollerblades because I hated them so much. am I going to do rollerderby if I don't skate? So, roller skating is on my list of possible activities. Maybe I can do that this month.

I was also thinking of doing some kind of martial art this month too since I didn't do it in December like I was originally thinking. The other posibility I was thinking of is belly dancing. I've never done that before either and always wanted to.

Well, what about roller derby? Is it something I can do if I just learn to skate? Or is it meant for the athletically gifted? Upon a tad bit of research I learn that some of the best roller girls had to learn to skate to do it too. That sounds promising. I look at the fresh meat page and find out that there is a midseason tryout happening um....NEXT WEEK. I'm a smart one and all but not sure if I could learn to skate well enough to hold my own in tryouts in one week time. What if I could? Is it even possible? I have no freakin' idea. I definitely get the superwoman complex where I think I can do anything if I want but even I have to question the aptitude for such a feat. Well, perhaps I can learn to skate and practice over the next few months, focus on getting the ACSM stuff taken care of and Punk Rope started then being totally prepared and practiced and ready to kick up for tryouts in the summer for next season. that's a thought.

So, what about lessons? Do you really need rollerskating lessons? I've put skates on before and felt my way around the floor a few times. Can't one just dive in and figure it out? Or do I need someone to teach me how to do all the fancy maneuvering and stuff?

Okay, how about, I make roller skating my activity for the month. That way, I can check out all this stuff and know for sure what I'm up against and if I would even like it. Yup! I think that's what I'll do. Then I'll report back here and share all my bumps and bruises with you as I determine whether or not I can hack it as a roller girl wannabe.

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