Saturday, February 6, 2010

I bought skates

Typical short girl. I just give it all up right off the bat. Yup! I totally did. I'm a complete nerd just so you know.

I went roller skating today all by my lonesome because my new unfriend ditched me at the last possible moment. Well, let me clarify that now before we move on. She was never really my friend in the first place. She was a coworker that I had met for happy hour a couple times and been turned down for other non-drinking related activities. She isn't someone that I was dying to be friends with by any means but was willing to give it a shot if all the stars aligned and we just happened to get along like peas and carrots. I invited her to do a couple different activities (considering that she too is/was interested in losing weight) and my invites were accepted only to either no-show no-call or at least she had the balls to call me moments before she was to be arriving today to tell me that she was tired and didn't want to go. Sealed deal now sweetie pie. No thanks to the possibility of a friendship. I spent years getting rid of lazy people that were unreliable and unwilling to be accountable. No need to invite any new ones in.

So anyway, I went skating. I suck something serious! Can barely stand in skates let alone push myself around the floor at any regular pace without hanging onto the wall. So what did I do with that experience? I'll tell you. I headed straight up to Fast Girl and bought myself a pair of roller skates and all the necessary pads while chatting it up with the owners who just so happen to be members of the Rat City Roller Derby teams.

I have to say that I LOVED them. The owner and her hubby and friend who were manning the store were super helpful and super nice. So now I'm fitted with all the necessary equipment to learn to skate just like a roller girl. Now if I can just figure out how to skate like a normal person first. There are beginner lessons offered at my local roller rink tomorrow. Perhaps I'll pay my $9 and go check it out. Afterall, I have skates now, I should probably learn to use them.

Yikes! Oh my gosh, I just had a horrifying image in my head. A flashback of the tennis lesson fears. I'll show up with my skates over my shoulder, pay my fee, lace up and hit the floor. You see me all smiles and nervous as nervous can be. Then I look around and realize that I'm surrounded by a gaggle of 5 year old kids. The instructor is 15 years old and I'm the only adult anywhere to be seen except for all the proud parents with their video cameras on the benches. Seriously? Now those parents (who are all probably younger than I) are going to have me on their videos of their little ones for all eternity. Video footage of me making an absolute fool of myself. If I end up on that funny video show, you better believe I'll be showing up on their door step to collect my share of the winnings.

Stay tuned...

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  1. This sounds like fun! I am so uncoordinated, there is no telling what would happen to me on skates. :-)


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