Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kickboxing Baby


Who knew?

Totally high energy, fun, and no props needed. I like a class that doesn't use props. It doesn't happen often, but when it does and it's good, it's really good.

I got to the gym at 6:45pm last night, class was set to start at 7. There were already a couple people there waiting and stretching. I don't know why but when people show up early to stretch in every which way, it always weirds me out. I know stretching is a good thing and everyone should do it but something about it just weirds me out. Especially when it's the one guy in the class. You know the guy. Wearing spandex bicycle shorts and a microfiber sleeveless top with the towel-like head band to soak up all the sweat to be had in the near future. The running in place and stretching his quads guy. The one who starts sweating if he turns his head too fast. Oh, and don't forget the tuft of fuzz peaking out the top of his microfiber sleeveless shirt, in the back. Ewwww!

Some of the beautiful Bellevue people started filtering in as the time got closer to 7. I love the beautiful Bellevue teenagers. They're always fun to watch. They always have the new fitness clothes and spend all their time primping before a class. Pacing back and forth in front of the mirror as if they are watching someone beautiful from a distance, but oh, it's themselves. Yes sweet little insecure young thing, it's you. Good job.

So the class started with some warm up stuff and the instructor went through the basic movements and a brief introduction about what to expect in this class. I thought that was nice, especially for me, one who has never done a kickboxing class before. Then she hopped right into it. Literally, we started bouncing around and air jump-roping and there were some jumping-jacks too. Jab, cross, upper cut, kick. Jab, cross, upper cut, kick. Shuffle forward as if to attach your opponent then retreat with your guard up. Front kick, side kick, back kick, side kick, squat, squat, squat. Shuffle side, shuffle side, kick, kick, kick. You get the idea right?

I freakin' loved it. Does that make me a sick person? I don't care! I loved it! It really made me realize how far I've come in just a couple short months. The class was packed with all these thin little girls, a couple guys, and 3 bigger girls (including me). You'd think that the thin little cute things would be able to get through the class with no problem. Not so. There were a couple really fit people in there but mostly, they were out of breath and ready to quit after about 15 mins. I didn't stop for a min. Yay me! I can't wait for my next class on Thursday. It's going to be a different instructor so I'll get to see how the class might differ by who's teaching it.

I'm not jumping off any bridges here but I did have a thought. Maybe I should go check out a real kickboxing gym for a couple real kickboxing lessons. Nothing wrong with the aerobics versions at all. Love them so far. Love! But, last night's class got me wondering what the real thing is like. Oh boy. I might just have to do it.

Also, I know, I've been light on the pics of my activities. I would love to provide pics of all the crap I'm doing. I'm having a bit of a problem with it though. I do most of it by myself and it's a little difficult to take my own picture jumping rope while I'm jumping rope. Know what I mean? I'm going to try to get my work out buddy and/or hubby to join me and snap a few so I can share with you all the humiliation I endure. :)

Do you have any experience with kickboxing? The real thing or the aerobics version? What? How do you like it? How do you not like it?


  1. well it sounds like you sure are having fun! I know how it feels to have the endurance to get through a whole session. When I at the beginning of the year I could barely walk around the block, I walk for hours and I can work out back to back no problem. It is the greatest feeling in the world! YOU GO GIRL!

  2. uhh, I soo wish I could drink, I'm still breastfeeding my daughter I have been alcohol free for 2 years come Jan 31, SOMEONE SHOOT ME! haha,jk. thanks for all your wonderful suggestions. my mom called said she might of found me an apartment, that sure got me out of my funk!


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