Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WTF...Par 3 Biatch?!

So, I played 9 holes at an 18 hole course. Standard 72 par course. I scored a 49 on the front 9. Nice! It felt good too. Let me tell you. The problem is this...I went to a par 3 course a couple days later which are typically 9 holes as well. Hehum...I shot a 46. WHAT!!! A 46? On a par 3 course?

For those of you that aren't so good at math, allow me.

Par 3 course = 3 shots per hole with 9 holes total.... 3 x 9 = 27. To par the course, I would have had to shoot a 27. I shot a 46. That's not so good. Yuck!
Now, if we look at a typical 72 par course and I hit the front 9 holes. Assuming the front and back nine are scored the same... 72/2 = 36. To par the front nine, I would have had to shoot a 36. I shot a 49. Not great for some....but for me it's good.
It was a very disappointing day at the par 3 course to say the least. But, let's stay positive here...

The 18 hole course I played was Foster Golf Links. I did end up playing with my good friend who had never played before. She was soooo nervous going out there. I remember my very first time on the golf course. I was petrified too. Especially on the first tee. They call your name, and usually there are other groups waiting for their turn watching you with all their eyes watching every move. Ew! Shivers down the spine. But...we had all the odds in our favor. We were not paired up with anyone so that helps releave some of those nerves. And, there were no other groups standing by staring us down. Another huge help for the nerves.

First tee: I went first...hooked it. :( I dropped another ball and...hooked it again. Damn it! Perfect way to start off a day of golf. The friend bravely stood up to the tee box, placed her ball neatly on the brush tee, grabbed the driver and swung. Wholy freakin' shit! It went straight...right down the middle. Are you sure you haven't done this before...jerkface? JK. Love you T. :)

Okay so maybe I just needed to get warmed up. Ya, that's it. Warmed up. MmmmHmmmm. We found my balls, turns out they weren't so far gone. I recovered nicely and went on to have a pretty damn good golf experience. Sunk 2, count them...1.....2.....seriously long 1-putts. I didn't take out my measuring tape so I don't know exactly how long but one of them was in the rough grass surrounding the green. Yup....a ways. It was close enough to the green so I just whipped out my putter and went to it....oh my gosh....it's rolling straight for the hole....oh my... !@# it went in. Or, it almost went in. Well, the stupid flag was still in there so it ended up bouncing off of the flag and resting right by the damn thing. We counted it as going in...so there!
Here are a couple pictures. This is my first timer friend. Looks like she got the hang of it.

Here is some of my handy work. It was actually a good drive. It just took a few minutes to find the tee because it came up with the divot and flew about 15 feet landing upside down.

Here's me and my lovely set up.

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