Thursday, October 1, 2009

October. October? OCTOBER!

All I have to say is "what the fuck?" It's October now. The year just disappeared. I mean, I was busy this most years. But I didn't realize the entire year is almost gone. Wholy shit! I totally had to look at several calendars just to make sure I wasn't making some huge mistake thinking that it's October already. You know, how you go through your week completely forgetting that Monday actually happened. Every calendar I found said October 1st and yet as I write this, I just stopped and looked again. Either I'm OCD or this year went by waaaaay too fast.

Okay, so now that it's October, I have to choose another activity. Hiking was fun. But it's time to let it go and move on to something else. Hmmmm.....what should I do. Where is my list? Ballet? NO! Summer activity, summer activity, summer activity, ah...there we are a few things I can do. Indoor activity? Not sure if I'm ready to give up going outside altogether yet. We can still have some nice days here in the northwest in October, as long as it doesn't snow early this year.

Oh, I know! Golf. I haven't been golfing at all this year. The nasty days, I can go to the driving range or I can just suffer through the rain and wind and hail. I did last year. Okay, so golf isn't new to me. I've done it once or twice. Actually, last year I was on the course at the very least once every week. Most weeks was 2-3 times though. I got a little obsessed...what can I say. I joined the EWGA Seattle chapter and played on a league all year plus weekend fun events and went out with some girlfriends and my hubby a couple times.

This year, I went golfing once in February when there was still snow on the ground and I went to the driving range once a couple months ago but that's it. My poor lonely clubs have been sitting in my trunk all year. If I don't do it now, I'll end up skipping it altogether this year. Sacrilege! Looks like I'm going to swing some clubs then. First order of business is to hit the driving range for some practice swings. Then the putting green to see if I can remember how to do this sport.

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