Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lovely Golf

My first real golf outing of the year and it was LOVELY. I admit it fully right here and now...I love golf. I love everything about it.
  1. I love being outside on the beautiful courses.
  2. I love the sparrows dive bombing me in the spring.
  3. I love the frosty ground in the early spring and late fall.
  4. I love the sweaty golf in the summer when I get to wear my golf skirts. Yes, I have golf skirts. I love those too, and my golf shoes and gloves and especially my fancy ball marker.
  5. I love the trees changing.
  6. I love the tiny bit of anxiety you get when you step up to the first tee box and are being watched by others standing by waiting for their turn.
  7. I love the flask of Jameson that resides in my golf bag.
  8. I love the psycho golf nazis that feel the need to dictate how everyone else plays their games.
  9. I love that sweet sound you get when you smack the shit out of a ball straight down the fairway.
  10. I love the sound of the ball falling into and circling around the bottom of the cup after a very successful putt.
  11. I love losing balls in the water hazards so I can go hunt for them with my fishing pole.
  12. I love finding other balls that have been long abandoned by their owners.
  13. I love marking my balls before I start. I always write "Golf Happy" on my balls because every time I flub it or top it or whatever and get frustrated, I pick up my ball and see that and somehow it makes me feel better.
  14. I love the mind games I play with myself.
  15. I love the amount of patience and peacefulness I have to harbor to have a successful day of golf.
  16. I love watching others as they golf. The grandfathers and grandkids playing together. The husbands and wives. The lady golfers. The one woman invading in on the boy's golf day. The boy's club with their beers and cigars. The people that have spent way too much money on all their golf stuff so everyone else will think they know what they're doing. The first timers that look around to make sure no one is watching them before they take their shot. I love you all.
  17. I love the sand traps. Yes, you heard me right. I love them. It's good practice and it breaks the monotony of grass, grass, and more grass.
  18. I love the drink cart girls driving around with all their alcohol and snacks for everyone.
  19. I love the course marshalls that wonder around and offer up little tidbits of advice for those they deam worthy.
  20. I love putting practice.
  21. I love waiting around for my name to be called to the first tee box. It's like I'm the chosen one every time. Gotta love that.
  22. I love playing different courses to meet new holes and hazards.
  23. I love playing the same courses so you get to know all their bumps and bruises and stories of past lovers.
  24. I love playing in the rain, hail, frost, wind, sun, and snow. Yes, I've played in all of the above as well as thunder and lightening but I didn't enjoy that one.
  25. I love the sit down with a beer and your golf buddies after a round is over. At that moment, you all realize that you just shared a bonding experience with each other. It's like going to camp or war with someone. You can't help but feel some sort of bond with them after sharing that experience whether good or bad or indifferent.

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