Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tennis Lessons - Final Thoughts

Okay, I took lessons.

Final thoughts: They suck!

The first two lessons in the beginner's class were good because I learned the right way to smack the ball around. But after that, it was just a bust. The second week of lessons were nothing but practicing what we already learned. I was willing to overlook that though because I was excited to learn how to keep score and play doubles in the advanced beginner course.

Here's how the advanced beginner course went: I arrived to the first lesson and saw 4 of the same 6 people from the beginner course and the same instructor. Of course, I was feeling a little apprehensive at that moment because of the potential for an adolescent rodeo. Well, the instructor decided that we all needed more practice before we could move on to learn any advanced techniques. Instructor: "Single file line everyone, I said SINGLE FILE LINE, at the starting line please". The response of the class went like this: Me (the good student) at the starting line in tennis ready form of course, adolescent rodeo begins behind me where the siblings start playing some tiny tennis and chasing each other around the empty court next to ours, the Wife from last class is leaning on the fence and twirling her racket around in circles, the invisible wierd kid is sitting cross legged on the ground bouncing a tennis ball while probably day dreaming about what superpower he would like to have. After another louder and more direct bark from the instructor, everyone fell in line behind me. First, two forehands in a row. Then, two backhands in a row. Followed by two overhands. Finally, all line up along the starting line to practice serves. That was the first class of the advanced beginner course. The second one went pretty much the same but with the addition of practicing volleys too. Then when the second class was over, the instructor announced that we probably wouldn't be covering any new material next week either. Well, that was a problem for me because I PAID FOR LESSONS. I didn't pay for practice. I can practice for free. See, this is the problem when teachers have to teach to the lowest common denominator. The idiots get to just be idiots while the rest of us get ripped off. I did not return for the second week of "lessons". Instead, I chose to meet up with my husband and one of my workout buddies to play tennis elsewhere. Since then, I've played 2-3 times every week. Wish I could say I'm getting better. Unfortunately, I'm not. I blame my racket. And after my husband decided to play a bit with my racket, he agrees. I'm sure I'll keep playing. Not because I want to be the next McEnroe or anything even if I do identify with some of his court side etiquette. It's just fun and being the perfectionist that I am, I want to improve. I highly doubt I'll ever take lessons through a community center again though. If lessons are ever in my future again, I'll make sure to do some research and get private lessons.

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