Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tennis - Week 2

A little disappointed in the second week at tennis lessons. I was all excited about learning new things but quickly found out that what was learned in week 1 was simply repeated and practiced in week 2. I didn't need to pay for that. I thought I was going to learn new techniques or scoring or something. But paying $11/session to practice felt like a rip off. So now I have the next session starting next week. It's going to be the advanced beginner class. Oh boy. Look out. I wonder if we'll just practice everything from the beginner class. No, wait. We already did that. Oh, I know. They'll teach us how to practice on our own. No, that's too simple to be the advanced beginner class. Okay, okay, maybe I should give them a chance. My understanding is that I will learn to play doubles in the advanced beginner class. Well, all I can do is go and see.

I really do feel like I'm getting better though. Perhaps it's all the practice. Or is it the Wii Tennis I've been playing. Hmmm... That's a tough call. The past few days, I've been drugging myself up with muscle relaxers. I don't know what I did to myself. If it was tennis or yoga or sleeping wrong or whatever, I have no idea. But I have had the stiffest neck and shoulders and back ever. My poor little body doesn't like all the jerking around. Perhaps it's because of my legendary dinosaur racket. Time for a new racket? Hey now, that's a good reason to go buy one. The one I have now is horrible. I've been using my husband's actually. But when we play together, I have to use my dinosaur so I'm sure it's all his fault.

Writing: Some days you're feeling it and others you're not. Today is one of those days that I'm just not feeling it. I need an attitude adjustment today. Any suggestions for wiping the shit from my eyes so I can view the world with hope and excitement again?

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  1. OK, sista, whether you're 'feeling it or not', JUST DO IT! It's all about the experience, remember? Hope you're havig fun in your first adventure :) .... Jayne


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