Friday, December 30, 2011

I Wanna - Part 1

This year, instead of making firm "resolutions" to state that I must accomplish such and such by a particular date to consider myself a success...I've decided to just focus my attention on the things that I want to do.

What do I want?

I Wanna... Clean house. I wanna go through everything I own and sort, label, organize, and toss whatever I haven't used in a year, forgot I had, or doesn't fit me right now. One reason I've decided to put this on my Wanna List this year is because there's just something refreshing about cleaning out the old. I love the feeling I get when I go through my closet and pull out things that I've felt the need to keep for years because of nostalgic reasons or for the hope that one day I'll fit into it again. The other reason I have put this on my Wanna List this year is because of the next wanna.

I Wanna... Move. I have lived in the suburbs for over a dozen years and it has never fit me, not for a second. I'm a city girl through and through. I belong in the city. For the past several years, hubby and I have talked about moving back downtown and we are finally, FINALLY on the same page. We are going to be moving in March or April to a condo in the sky. "Well good morning doorman, what lovely weather today." We currently live in a house so when we move, we'll be scaling down which is great motivation for cleaning house. Hallelujah! Hear the angels sing.

I Wanna... Lose weight. But doesn't everyone want that? I know I'm not original and it ain't the first time that wanna has made it on my list. Hopefully it's the last! I've struggled with my weight for years but now I am better armed with more info about the inner workings of my body so hopefully it helps resolve the weight loss problem. The blogging, working with a personal trainer, watching what I eat, vitamins, thyroid replacement, good sleep, drinking lots of water, and monthly activity shuffle should also help a bit too.

I Wanna... Play Classical Guitar. Yes, I love my guitar. Yes, I've taken lessons before. Yes, I quit taking those lessons a couple years ago because I was being mean to myself. Life has recently provided me a little perspective though and I'm ready to slap that inner bitch in the face and tell her to shut the F#$% up so I can once again enjoy learning to play the beautiful music I love on the instrument I love. I already contacted my old guitar instructor and am scheduled to start lessons again on January 8th.

I Wanna... Spread joy. I know, I know, so very vague. The thought hit me recently that I just don't do a lot for others. Yes, I'm generous and thoughtful and all that stuff but I don't feel like I contribute much to the happiness or joy of others. Instead, I think I'm more of a negative Nancy sucking the joy from the room if ever I'm given the opportunity. Why? Because I have always found sarcasm and biting wit to be funny. Funny to me, yes. But I never stopped to consider what I was taking from others by being that way, until now. So I want to start being nicer to people. I want to be more considerate. When someone wants to merge, slow down to make room for them. When someone goes up to a grocery line the same time I do, let them go first. Smile at people. Say "good morning". Doing those things doesn't take anything from me so why not just do them to give to someone else. I already got the ball rolling on this too. I sent out 20 blank note cards to 20 random people I blindly chose from the white pages to wish them happiness and prosperity. No signature, no return address. One stranger sending good wishes to another. Hopefully it made 20 people smile even if for just a moment.

I have more wannas coming in Part 2. Stay tuned.

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  1. I wanna live life!

    I wanna continue to read your blog

    I wanna see part 2


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