Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm most proud of....

Working with Chica to make her a better, happier, healthier dog

Hubby and I reaching out to be Uncle and Auntie to our niece
My wonderful Accountabilibuddy and all the fun we've had on the racquetball court
Facing my estranged family so I can be there for this little guy who is my nephew
Facing my silly fears and overcoming them one by one
Roller skating and attempting derby even though I hurt myself and had to postpone it

Jenny the wonder bike and all the adventures we had this past year
Trying new things even if I do look silly doing them
Completing my first ever organized bike ride allllll by myself (in the pooring down rain I might add)
The work I did on myself going through The Artist's Way
Finally doing Punk Rope classes in Seattle
Steve and all the participants for the Hot 100 Challenge
My favorite Big Girl Bombshell for all the progress she's made overcoming her own fitness fears this past year

What are you most proud of?


  1. I am MOST proud of all the awesome friendships and support that I have had to help me step out of my comfort zone in SO many areas of my life!

    Thank YOU! for absolutely everything and being the awesome inspiration!

  2. wow
    this is amazing and Im in awe of lottsa stuff you are proud of which is still lolling about on my SOMEDAY I WILL...list.




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