Sunday, October 9, 2011


Trying to be what will make others proud. Trying to achieve what my preconceived notions define as success. Trying to live up to the image I have of myself. Trying, trying, wonder I end up tired, overwhelmed, and disappointed.

Feeling lost because I can't put my finger on the one big thing that defines me or the one tag line that describes me. Comparing myself to others because they seem to have a perfect elevator pitch or the perfect body. Feeling, feeling, feeling less than wonder I end up feeling faulted.

Thinking about where I've been. Thinking about all the times I've tried and failed. Thinking about all the people I've invested in and judging the ROI. Thinking, thinking, and over-thinking everything to wonder I rarely cross the finish line when it comes to putting my thoughts to action.

Believing that I can be and do anything I put my mind to. Believing that spirit will conquer limitations. Believing that the world holds something greater for me than what I currently experience. Believing in everything outside of wonder I lack the belief in exactly who and what I am today.

What if I really am blessed as I am? What if I currently live success in whatever definition I choose? What if I don't need a tag line because no one simple statement defines me? What if I stop trying, thinking, and feeling so much and just start to enjoy and appreciate what is?


  1. and that is the key....Living Active is about Actively living ALL of it..the ups, the downs, and the present moments....

    no one thing DEFINES it! That would be boring and THAT is NOT who you are. (as I see it)

  2. SERIOUSLY??? Dude!
    I'm kind of in awe of you. There is no "getting there" for you. You ARE there. Recognize your successes and the life that you have built.
    Okay, end of lecture. You can block me now ;-)


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