Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jenny's Adventures - Cedar River & Lake Washington Trails

Cedar River Trail
I rode part of the cedar river trail last year but it's a long one so we didn't make it all the way. Last week, hubby and I rode it again, just a different section of it. As you can see, this section is pretty flat and boring but it does go along the river so you get to see and hear the river at some spots.
Courtesy of mapmyride.com

Hubby has matching shoes so I let him ride Jenny for a bit.


Lake Washington Loop
This loop is just under 52 miles start to finish with a few decent sized hills to get your heart rate pumping. I didn't do the full loop yet but plan to tackle it in June. My new bicycle buddy and I did about 10 miles of moderate hills from just north of the Renton Municipal Airport to the I-90 bridge and back.

Courtesy of mapmyride.com

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  1. Hi guys. Great post. I love either running or cycling around lakes. Helps if there's other scenery too, and you do seem to have some from the look of your photos :) . I think one of my other favourite places for this are seafronts. Long live the great outdoors.

    Good luck & Keep cycling :)


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