Thursday, November 10, 2011

My French Pictures - Part 2

Bonjour Lyon

Place des Terreaux - Fountain. And we ate at the restaurant L'etage, Fabulous!

Velopop! Brilliant!
Only one day in Lyon wasn't nearly enough to properly take it in. What I did see though, I loved!

And now...ROAD TRIP through the Rhone Valley.

Bonjour Avignon
View from our fabulous little B&B

His little machine was playing "La Vie En Rose"
Oh please take a moment to let the hair stand up on your arms and chills crawl down your spine.
Je l'Aime

Palais des Papes

Palais des Papes - Stairway to Heaven

Palais des Papes - The Doors

Palais des Papes - Dining Hall

Palais des Papes - Rooftop

Oh....I can see it! The bridge!

Sur la pont d'Avignon, l'on y danse, l'on y danse

How can you NOT be happy on the bridge of Avignon?

Hubby listens to the guided tour like a good little tourist.

We came, we danced, we sang, we took the what?
Le diner en Place de l'horloge? D'accord
I think it's time for some sleep. 

Bonne nuit Avignon,
vous resterez dans mon coeur comme ma ville préférée musicale

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