Friday, December 17, 2010

Hot 100 blah blah blah

Last week, I talked about shin splints. Those bitches. I tried taping my legs for Punk Rope to see if it would help and it did not seem to do much good at all. Crap. I'll try again tomorrow and see if we might have just done something wrong. I'm not holding my breath.

I've pretty much lost all interest in this challenge and blogging and most everything so forgive me if I'm just blah today.
  1. Weight - no clue. don't care.
    1. water - no
    2. workout - limited due to shin splint pains shooting through my fucking legs
    3. meal plan - no
    4. tracking - no
    5. sleep - kinda
    6. journal - barely
    7. food - sometimes
  2. blog - no
  3. book - no

How you like them apples?


  1. You so need to knock it off and get OUT of this funk!! I've been there lady but seriously? Get up and do some upper body exercises, pushups, weights, whatever. You better be eating good too! Stay away from the holiday treats! Email me if you need to vent!

    You obviously DO care a bit or you wouldn't have even wrote this. You deserve so much better!

  2. Oooh yes, I agree. P90X has a few really great/horrible upper body workouts that burn upwards of 1000 calories a piece. Try something like that-I guarantee it will kick your mood back in gear.

    Polar's Mom

  3. Challenges have always just shut me right down...I've always had to find my own way but it's been worth it, for sure!

  4. I agree with posted so you care. Stop acting like you don't and find your way back! If you've given up then give the fuck up...I doubt that you have though. It's tough right now and when you're in constant pain it's so much harder just to get through the day. It takes so much out of you to just not hurt.

    But the ladies are right...there's so much you can still do to stay on track. Fight through and don't give up!

  5. Suck it up and stop bitching! Got it! ;)

  6. LOL. You got some great advice already. Time to move on, with or without the challenge.


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